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Kamala Harris Exit Points to Hurdles Facing Minority Candidates

California senator cloaked her presidential campaign in the promise of becoming the first black woman in the White House - that wasn't enough for donors and supporters, including black voters Голос Америки

Georgia Governor Appoints Financial Executive Over Trump Ally to Fill Senate Seat

The selection is believed to be an appeal to moderate suburban voters and women...Голос Америки

Surge in New Voters Sparks Talk of UK Election 'Youthquake'

In a British election dominated by Brexit, young voters who had no say in the country's decision to leave the European Union could hold the key to victory...Голос Америки

Concern Over US Climate Action Grows Among Republican Voters, Survey Shows

The Trump administration filed paperwork this month to pull the United States out of the 2015 Paris Agreement on climate change Голос Америки

Hong Kong Leader to 'Seriously Reflect' on Election Results After Landslide Pro-Democracy Win

Statement by Carrie Lam comes after Hong Kong voters deliver a massive rebuke to Beijing...Голос Америки

Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Forces Score Landslide Win(2)

Voters deliver a massive rebuke to Beijing Голос Америки

Зеленский поздравил президента Румынии с переизбранием на второй срок

Зеленский поздравил президента Румынии с переизбранием на второй срок

стран и региона. Sincere congratulations to the President of Romania @KlausIohannis on re-election! The confidence of the overwhelming majority of voters is a solid credit for a new mandate. Looking forward to intensifying bilateral dialogue in the interests of our...Новости Украины. ТЕЛЕГРАФ - последние новости Украины и мира за по

Guinea-Bissau Voters Go to Polls

Incumbent Jose Mario Vaz is among the 12 candidates vying to lead West African country Голос Америки

Johnson to Promise 'Christmas Present' Brexit Push

Britain's prime minister makes a pitch to voters Sunday: Brexit and freezes to income tax, value-added sales tax and social security payments...Голос Америки

Obama Warns Against 'Purity Tests' in Democratic Primary

Former President Barack Obama warns Democrats against adopting 'purity tests' in the 2020 presidential primary and alienating voters needed to defeat President Donald Trump in the general election...Голос Америки

British Voters Unimpressed as Johnson and Corbyn Clash in TV Debate

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn clashed over Brexit in the first televised debate Tuesday, ahead of the December 12th election. Голос Америки

British Voters Unimpressed as Johnson, Corbyn Clash in TV Debate

During debate, Prime Minister Boris Johnson promises to end 'national misery' of Brexit, says Conservative government will leave European Union in January Голос Америки

Muslim Voters Attacked as Sri Lanka Elects President

Sri Lanka's seventh presidential election is dominated by worries over national security after Easter's deadly Islamic State-inspired suicide bomb attacks that killed 269 people Голос Америки

Americans Split on Impeachment Hearings

...watching the U.S. House of Representatives impeachment inquiry hearings into President Donald Trump. Mike O'Sullivan reports from Los Angeles, some voters support the process and others agree with Trump that it's politically motivated.Голос Америки

Boris Johnson Fights Winter Blues in a Drenched Election Campaign

Conservatives are banking a lot on the star quality of their leader but he's finding it difficult to cheer up voters amid floods and flu...Голос Америки

Romania Votes For President

Voters are going to the polls Sunday in Romania for the country's presidential election Голос Америки

UK Parties Attack Rival Spending Plans in Election Feud

Britain's biggest political parties are accusing each other of financial recklessness as they vie to win voters' trust on the economy ahead of Britain's Dec.Голос Америки

Trump Campaign Launching Black Outreach Effort For 2020

In 2016, 6% of black voters supported Trump, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of people who participated in its polls and were confirmed to...Голос Америки

Warren Wins 2020 Backing of Influential Group of Black Women

Group of more than 100 black female activists, Black Womxn For, endorses Elizabeth Warren for president, saying her stances on a range of issues speak directly to black voters Голос Америки

Democrats See Encouraging Signs for 2020 in Tuesday's Elections(2)

Victories in Virginia and Kentucky races were thanks in part to suburban voters who may be put off by President Trump...Голос Америки

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