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VOA Our Voices 214: Matrimony Deferred

Courtship, love, marital bliss, only delayed. Голос Америки

New A few ideas Into Career Path Never Before Unveiled

But you retain listening to these nagging voices saying issues like "The Cash is within the Checklist",or "Build Your Record", and every bit of advice you read goes...Информационное агентство Сергиева Посада

VOA Our Voices 212: Corporate Crime of Child Labor

his week on #VOAOurVoices, our panel of guests to discuss the feasibility of fighting unlawful child labor practices by corporate giants and, most often, informal work relationships. Голос Америки

VOA Our Voices 211: Dynasty, Power and Prominence

VOA Our Voices 211: Dynasty, Power and Prominence...Голос Америки

How one of the UK's most famous voices is helping build a more accessible workplace

The post How one of the UK’s most famous voices is helping build a more accessible workplace appeared first on Stories.News Center | News, perspectives and press materials from Microsoft on news and events affecting the company and the tec

VOA Our Voices 210: Behind Modern Slavery

A crime that capitalizes on the vulnerabilities of its victims, a form of modern-day slavery, this week #VOAOurVoices examines international efforts to combat human trafficking and help resettle survivors. Голос Америки

Muslim Millennial's Site Dispels Stereotypes for Millions

MuslimGirl.com 'is the biggest English-language online platform for Muslim women voices' Голос Америки

VOA Our Voices 208: The Cost to Courtship

Customary, traditional, symbolic and modernized, this week #VOAOurVoices examines the evolution of the practice of dowry or bride price. Голос Америки

VOA Our Voices 207: Women We Watched(2)

This week on #VOAOurVoices, as 2019 draws to a close Ayen Bior, Auriane Itangishaka, Hayde Adams FitzPatrick and guest co-host Tatenda Gumbo reflect on a pivotal year for African women. Голос Америки

VOA Our Voices 206: Year of the Return(2)

Ghana's 2019 Year of Return marks the 400th anniversary of the brutal Trans-Atlantic slave trade. Голос Америки

Playing Down Impeachment, Trump Campaign Voices Confidence(2)

President Donald Trump's campaign is shrugging off the cloud of impending impeachment less than a year from Election Day Голос Америки

VOA Our Voices 205: Employing Gender Parity(2)

As Africa's economies grow and more women enter the work force, #VOAOurVoices' Ayen, Hayde and Auriane along with a dynamic panel, discuss workplace culture across the continent. Голос Америки

In Madrid: Voices of African Youth(2)

Worldwide, youth are leading the push against what many consider a climate crisis. Голос Америки

UN Calls on Governments to Allow Human Rights Voices to Be Heard(2)

Observances on the 71st anniversary of UN adopting the Universal Declaration of Human Rights against backdrop of ongoing human rights crises across the world Голос Америки

Roxette singer Marie Fredriksson dies at 61(2)

Roxette singer Marie Fredriksson dies at 61

Marie Fredriksson, as the singer of Roxette, was one of the most recognisable voices in 1980s and 90s pop.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

VOA Our Voices 204: A Seat at the Table(2)

As countries throughout Africa continue to promote gender parity in politics, this week on #VOAOurVoices we explore how prejudice, bias and patriarchal systems shape the inclusion of women in leadership. Голос Америки

Фестиваль VOICES в 2020 году будет посвящен женскому кино(2)

Программу будущего фестиваля посвятят памяти актрисы, режиссера и сценариста Веры Глаголевой Новости Вологодской области

Зимние дни VOICES начались в Вологде(2)

Киномарафон открылся сегодня и продлится три дня. Это мероприятие предвосхищает большой фестиваль, который пройдет в Вологде летом 2020 года. Сами организаторы называют его «Кино-уикенд в ожидании VOICES». СеверИнформ

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