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Afghan President Cautiously Hopeful About US-Taliban Deal

The agreement for a seven-day 'reduction in violence' announced this week after long negotiations between Washington and the jihadists has raised hopes that a comprehensive peace deal could...Голос Америки

US: No Start Date Yet for Temporary Afghan Truce

US Pentagon chief says, 'We are... on the doorstep of a reduction-of-violence period'...Голос Америки

US, Taliban Agree to a Week of Reduced Fighting in Afghanistan

...the way for a comprehensive peace deal. As both sides plan to demonstrate their commitment to a weeklong reduction in violence that's expected to begin soon, VOA's Artidta Dunellari reports there are many unknowns about the emerging broader peace deal...Голос Америки

US, Taliban Reach Violence Reduction Agreement, US Official Says

Official tells reporters at a security conference in Munich that the seven-day period of a reduction of violence has yet to begin...Голос Америки

US Defense Secretary: 'Reduction in Violence' Plan Negotiated With Afghan Taliban

The U.S. and the Taliban have negotiated a proposal for a seven-day reduction in violence. Confirmation from the Trump administration came after NATO leaders discussed the way forward in Afghanistan at a defense meeting in...Голос Америки

US Confirms 'Reduction in Violence' Proposal Negotiated With Afghan Taliban

US Secretary of Defense Esper says the proposed reduction offered a basis for a political agreement Голос Америки

Report: Women Seeking Asylum in Britain Often Find Destitution

Report says many women fleeing persecution and sexual violence often end up living in absolute poverty without access to housing, financial support or the right to work...Голос Америки

Deadly Suicide Blast Hits Afghan Capital After Relative Calm

Tuesday's violence came after around three months of a lull in such attacks in Kabul...Голос Америки

Turkish Soldiers Killed in Syria as Tensions with Damascus Escalate

...latest escalation in fighting comes as Ankara continues to reinforce its troops in Idlib, while Russian-Turkish diplomatic efforts to end violence remain deadlocked...Голос Америки

War-Weary Young Afghans Hit the Slopes

Snowboarders say they are part of a generation eager to move on from violence and conflict.Голос Америки

Thousands Flee Brutal Attacks by Armed Groups in Northern Mozambique

100,000 people have been displaced since armed groups began attacking Cabo Delgado in October 2017, and more are fleeing as violence escalates...Голос Америки

Foreign Oil Firms Concerned About Rise of Violence in Northern Mozambique

ExxonMobil and Total are among the companies asking Mozambique to send as many as 300 more soldiers to the area Голос Америки

Afghan Media Outlets Protest Curtailed Access to Information

The joint media statement, unveiled at a protest rally in Kabul on Tuesday, comes against the backdrop of relentless violence across the country...Голос Америки

Azerbaijan's violence in April War


Artsakh Defense Army opened retaliatory fire to suppress the rival's attacks. Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Bloomberg Unveils Super Bowl Ad Focused on Gun Violence

Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg will use his Super Bowl ad to highlight his efforts to combat gun violence as he blankets the airwaves against President Donald Trump...Голос Америки

Barr Vows 'Zero Tolerance' for Anti-Semitic Violence

Attorney general says feds to get more involved in prosecuting attacks on Jews Голос Америки

As US Eyes Drawdown, Violence Rattles Sahel Region

As African region battles extremism, trafficking and ethnic violence, countries ask for help from the US and European allies...Голос Америки

Charity: 1.2 Million Nigerians Beyond Humanitarian Access

Millions of people in conflict-ridden northeast Nigeria are suffering from violence, human rights violations and deprivation of basic life-saving assistance, Doctors Without Borders says...Голос Америки

Официально: Beauty And Violence: Valkyries выйдет в августе 2020 года

Официально: Beauty And Violence: Valkyries выйдет в августе 2020 года

Разработчики игры "Красота и Жестокость: Валькирии" (Beauty And Violence: Valkyries) объявили новую дату релиза. PlayGround.ru - Российский Игровой Сервер

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