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Over 50 Killed as Armed Men Attack Villages in Northern Nigeria

Locals disagree on whether killers were bandits or Boko Haram Голос Америки

Turkey says "irregular migrants" cross border to Greece(6)

Turkey says "irregular migrants" cross border to Greece

Some 500 irregular migrants came to the border villages by commercial taxis, according to village residents.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Syrian army scores advance across southern Idlib(2)

Syrian army scores advance across southern Idlib

Ma'ar Tamater and Ma'artasin are two of the villages liberated by the Syrian army, following clashes with militant groups.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Eight Dead in Turkey as 5.7 Earthquake Strikes Western Iran(2)

Iran's official news agency said the earthquake affected 43 villages but did not report on casualties...Голос Америки

Syria Military Hails Advance Against Rebels in 'Record Time'(2)

The announcement came hours after troops consolidated the government's hold over the key Aleppo province, capturing over 30 villages and hamlets in the western countryside in one day and securing the provincial capital...Голос Америки

Syrian Troops Continue Advancing on Idlib(2)

Local sources reported that forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's regime captured several villages near the town of Khan Sheikhoun in Idlib...Голос Америки

Rights Group Calls for War Crimes Probe Against Nigeria's Military(2)

Military's fight against jihadists has resulted in burning of entire villages and displacement of residents...Голос Америки

Nigeria’s Military Burns Villages in War on Boko Haram, Rights Group Says(2)

Nigeria's military has frequently been accused of human rights abuses in its decade-long fight against Boko Haram and more recently Islamic State's West African branch Голос Америки

Burkina Faso to 'Lightly' Arm Citizens After Terrorists Kill 36 (2)

Government suspects Islamic jihadists behind attack on two villages Голос Америки

VivaCell-MTS, Fuller Center share joy of new homes in rural Armenia(2)

VivaCell-MTS, Fuller Center share joy of new homes in rural Armenia

VivaCell-MTS and Fuller Center for Housing Armenia have teamed up to solve the housing problem in villages. Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Huge Numbers of Cameroonians Fleeing Separatist Crisis Return Home(2)

Return is limited to major English-speaking towns as their villages remain battle grounds for separatist fighters and military...Голос Америки

Military expert: Azerbaijani Armed Forces have dominant positions  over 17 settlements of Tavush(2)

"Art of Survival" organization Vova Vartanov to ArmInfo. "This is what allows the Caspian Turks to put pressure on our villages. Another feature of the border in Tavush that allows them to gain an advantage is the number of settlements.Arminfo: Главная

Russian, Syrian Regime Forces Step Up Attacks on Rebel Stronghold Idlib(2)

On Saturday, a series of airstrikes and barrel bombings carried out by Russian fighter jets and Syrian helicopters targeted several villages in the province, killing at least 18 civilians and wounding dozens of others, local media reported...Голос Америки

Georgia removes two town signs with Armenian names(2)

Georgia removes two town signs with Armenian names

The Georgian Road Department has dismantled town signs of the Armenian villages of Majadia and Dadesh.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Cameroonian Women Urge Representation in Politics(2)

Delegations of women are visiting towns and villages to encourage women to run for office in upcoming February local and parliamentary elections...Голос Америки

Basic Necessities(2)

VOA Connect Episode 96 - Join us as we look at access to the basics. Whether it's groceries in rural villages, feminine products for disadvantaged women, or the job market for newly released felons, there are people out there helping...Голос Америки

Авторы The Flame in the Flood анонсировали боевик Drake Hollow(2)

...been working on in secret for the last couple years. Welcome to Drake Hollow: Explore with your friends and build villages for these doofuses! https://t.co/1UWuutE1bVhttps://t.co/Qud1ob4D65 pic.twitter.com/HmQ1gagHM1 The Molasses Flood (@molassesflood) November 14, 2019В игре нам предстоит собираться в кооперативе, чтобы...ИГРОМАНИЯ. Новые игры, видео обзоры игр, даты выхода игр, компьютерные игры, игры для PS3, игры для Xbox

В Таллине пройдёт семинар на русском языке про экопроекты в городах (2)

конфет и возможность их попробовать.Еще одним гостем семинара станет Дмитрий Соловьев, житель экопоселения «Добрая Земля» и представитель России в Global Eco-villages Network (мировом сообществе экопоселений). Он расскажет, с чего все начиналось в России и как сейчас живется экопоселенцам. «Мы хотим,...Русская община Эстонии

Flooding Displaces, Isolates Hundreds of Thousands of Somalis(2)

...have killed at least 21 people and displaced more than a quarter million more as rivers burst their banks, flooding villages and towns. Mohamed Sheikh Nor reports from Beledweyne, Somalia.Голос Америки

Clashes Continue in NE Syria Despite US Push for Cease-fire(2)

Kurdish officials tell VOA that crossfire in the villages of Anek al-Hawa, Tal Muhammad, Khirbet Jammu and Mahmudiya continues as Syrian militia, supported by Turkey, try to enter Tal...Голос Америки

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