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UN Mission Calls for Investigation of Venezuela Rights Violations

Grave violations have been perpetrated directly by members of State security forces and by civil and military intelligence services: UN investigators Голос Америки

Opposition Countries Fail to Block UN Debate on Belarus Human Rights

Belarus, Russia, China and Venezuela unsuccessful in derailing a special discussion at the world body's Human Rights Council in Geneva Голос Америки

Venezuela Charges US Citizen with Terrorism

Chief prosecutor Tarek Saab said Matthew John Heath, who was arrested in Venezuela last week, was plotting attacks against Venezuela's oil industry and electricity system Голос Америки

Venezuela Says 'US Spy' Captured Near Oil Refinery Complex

Venezuela president describes man as 'a Marine, who was serving as a Marine on CIA bases in Iraq' Голос Америки

Owners of Iranian Fuel Seized by US Assert Rights to Cargoes

The US Justice Department last month announced the seizure of 1.116 million barrels of fuel it said was destined for Venezuela Голос Америки

Venezuela President Pardons Over 100 Opposition Lawmakers

The Venezuelan government suggest pardons for opposition members was done in the spirit of "reconciliation" ahead of December legislative elections Голос Америки

US Says Maduro Is Blocking Americans From Leaving Venezuela

Caracas has rebuffed Washington's efforts to arrange humanitarian evacuation flights, State Department says Голос Америки

Report: U.S. seizes Iranian gas heading for Venezuela

Report: U.S. seizes Iranian gas heading for Venezuela

A U.S. official said no military force was used in the seizures and the ships were not physically confiscated. Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Venezuela Court Jails 2 US Ex-soldiers for 20 Years After Failed Incursion

Former Green Berets Luke Denman, 34, and Airan Berry, 41, admitted to participating in the May 4 operation, Saab wrote on his Twitter account Голос Америки

US Frowns Upon Iranian Supermarket in Venezuela's Capital (2)

Acting Assistant Secretary for US Department of State's Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs told journalists that opening of market shows this is like an alliance of 'pariah' states Голос Америки

UN Urges Venezuela to Dismantle Criminal Gangs Running Gold, Bauxite Mines (2)

Venezuelan security and military forces fail to prevent crimes and have participated in some violence against miners, the U.N. human rights office said in a report Голос Америки

US Turns Screws on Maritime Industry to Cut Off Venezuela's Oil(2)

US sanctions have driven Venezuela's oil exports to their lowest levels in nearly 80 years Голос Америки

In Florida Visit, Trump Melds Venezuela Policy, Campaign Strategy(2)

In bid to woo Hispanic voters in the state, president reaffirms support for interim president of Venezuela, Juan Guaido Голос Америки

Добыча нефти в Венесуэле упала до 74-летнего минимума(2)

Добыча нефти в Венесуэле падает шестой месяц подряд, что подчеркивает мрачное состояние нефтяной промышленности страны, поскольку санкции США бьют по экспорту, а спрос на коронавирусные удары падает. ТЭКНО:///БЛОГ - Нефть, газ, цена на нефть, новости сегодня.

UN Rights Chief Urges Political Dialogue in Venezuela(2)

Michelle Bachelet says social and economic crisis will not go away until political standoff is resolved Голос Америки

British Judge Denies Venezuela Access to Gold in Bank Vault (2)

Maduro has demanded the gold to help his cash-starved nation fight the coronavirus pandemic. Голос Америки

Venezuela Opposition Leaders Say December Parliamentary Election Rigged to Help Maduro (2)

Venezuelan voters could determine of the balance of power in upcoming parliamentary election Голос Америки

Venezuela Sanctions Set Off Fight For 'Plundered' Oil Cargo (2)

The ship was hired to transport the gasoline to a ship near Aruba but along the way its owners suspected the cargo's real destination was Venezuela and turned back to avoid potentially violating sanctions Голос Америки

UN Sends Aid to Venezuela as Country Faces Coronavirus Crisis(2)

UNICEF has provided about 200 tons medicine and other items to Caracas Голос Америки

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