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Turkish Invasion Sparks NATO Crisis But Eviction is Unlikely

Turkey has NATO's second biggest army, after the United States, and keeping the country inside Alliance helps keep a lid on historic tensions with Greece Голос Америки

Moscow Warns Turkey to Wrap Up Syria Incursion Quickly

Warning comes as Vladimir Putin invites Turkish president to Moscow...Голос Америки

"Wizz Air" лидирует по количеству перевезенных пассажиров(2)

"Wizz Air" лидирует по количеству перевезенных пассажиров

Оперирующих на грузинском авиационном рынке, по данным 9-ти месяцев 2019 года по-прежнему лидирует «Wizz Air». Грузия Online

Russian troops patrol between Turkish and Syrian forces in Manbij

Russian troops patrol between Turkish and Syrian forces in Manbij

Oleg Blokhin posted a video on social media from a deserted US military base in the village of al-Saadiya. Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Doctors Without Borders Suspends Operations as Turkish Forces Move In

Agency says conflict will only 'increase the need for humanitarian assistance' Голос Америки

Russia Moves to Fill Void Left by US in Northern Syria(2)

Russia deploys troops to keep apart advancing Syrian government and Turkish forces in northeast Syria and vows to work to keep the two sides from fighting...Голос Америки

France: Turkish, US Decisions Will Lead to Resurgence of Islamic State

France's prime minister accused Washington of allowing and strengthening the Turkish offensive...Голос Америки

Mikayel Melkumyan: The Turkish initiative at the session of the World Inter-Parliamentary Union was rejected

...and many other countries also joined the initiative put forward by France. In turn, the project put forward by the Turkish delegation gained 4 times less votes and was thereby rejected," Melkumyan noted. The MP also stressed that the head...Arminfo: Главная

Turkish Airlines в сентябре 2019 года достигла уровня загрузки 82,9% (АК "Turkish Airlines)(2)

Turkish Airlines в сентябре 2019 года достигла уровня загрузки 82,9% (АК "Turkish Airlines)

Авиакомпания Turkish Airlines объявила результаты производственной деятельности за сентябрь 2019 года.Aviation EXplorer

Erdogan Vows to Push Kurds from Northern Syria, Despite Their New Alliance with Syrian Government

The Turkish president rejects calls to withdraw from Syria, claiming he is resettling legitimate populations...Голос Америки

US Sanctions Turkey, Seeks Halt to Syria Offensive

Trump administration rejects blame, says Turkish President Erdogan responsible...Голос Америки

Historian compares Turkey's invasion of Syria in 2019 and Armenia in 1920

Historian compares Turkey

Mehmet Perinçek has drawn parallels between the Turkish invasion of Syria and the Turkish-Bolshevik invasion of independent Armenia in 1920.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

UN Chief Calls for 'Immediate De-escalation' in NE Syria

UN says 160,000 people are already displaced since the Turkish operation began Oct.Голос Америки

Trump: US Will Impose 'Big Sanctions' Against Turkey for Onslaught on Kurds

Turkish forces crossed into northern Syria last week to fight Kurds after US leader withdrew forces Голос Америки

Kurds Strike Deal with Syrian Army to Counter Turkey

Turkish forces crossed into northern Syria last week to fight Kurds after most US forces pulled out Голос Америки

Syrian Christians Fear Persecution During Turkey Offensive

As the Turkish military and its allied Syrian rebels continue their operation against US-backed Kurdish forces in northeast Syria, Christian communities in the...Голос Америки

UN Warns Condition of Civilians Caught in Turkish Offensive in Syria

UN office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs estimates more than 130,000 people are newly displaced and a growing number are living in collective shelters Голос Америки

Syrian Kurds: IS Supporters Escape from Camp Amid Turkish Attacks

Turkey launched its long-planned military operation last Wednesday aimed at taking out the Kurdish forces in northern Syria that it sees as terrorists, but which most of the West views as key partners in the fight against Islamic State militants...Голос Америки

Turkish Forces Say They've Captured Key Syrian Border Town

Turkey says it has captured Ras al-Ayn under heavy bombardment - its most significant gain since an offensive against Kurdish fighters began four days ago Голос Америки

Monitor Groups Warn of Enduring Refugee Crisis Amid Turkish Incursion in Syria

Concerns are expressed a second humanitarian crisis could unfold if the Turkish government creates a safe zone to relocate internally placed people...Голос Америки

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