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Statement by MFA of Armenia regarding the statements by the President of Turkey on Armenian Genocide made in the United States

ArmInfo.In light of the further advancement of the international recognition of the Armenian Genocide, the President of Turkey recently made controversial statements, which distort the reality. These statements contain claims aimed at justifying the Genocide by means of...Arminfo: Главная

Car Bomb Kills at Least 18 in Syrian Town Held by Turkey

Turkey's Defense Ministry blamed the main Kurdish militia, known as the People's Protection Units, for the blast in al-Bab, Aleppo province Голос Америки

Ruben Safrastyan: In the presence of the US President, Erdogan brazenly distorted the history of the Armenian people, but did not receive any counterattack

ArmInfo. Once again, the Presidents of the United States and Turkey managed to conclude a mutually beneficial deal, as a result of which the national interests of Armenia and those minorities...Arminfo: Главная

Turkey condemns IS murder of Armenian priest in Syria

Turkey condemns IS murder of Armenian priest in Syria

Turkey said it condemns "this terrorist act in the most powerful way and wish our condolences to the Syrian people. Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Erdogan Says Turkey Won't Dispose of Russian S-400s

Turkey's president says his country would be willing to purchase US-made Patriot defense systems but will not dispose of the already acquired Russian system Голос Америки

EU Slams Turkey Over Re-Arrest of Journalist

The EU has grown increasingly concerned at the decline in media freedom in Turkey since the attempted coup, which was followed by a major crackdown on journalists...Голос Америки

Turkey Deports American Islamic State Suspect to US

Suspect, identified as 39-year-old Mohammad Darwis B, was stuck between Turkey and Greece before repatriation...Голос Америки

Bloomberg: Erdogan should recognize the Armenian Genocide

Bloomberg: Erdogan should recognize the Armenian Genocide

In addition, acknowledging the genocide would greatly improve Turkey's relations with Armenia, says Bobby Ghosh.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

How Turkey's Erdogan Portrayed Syria Offensive as a Pan-Islam Struggle

Some observers say government's religious messaging is mixture of ideology and political propaganda aimed at promoting president's ambition to be seen as leader and protector of the Muslim world Голос Америки

Amnesty: Turkey Arrests Hundreds Over Criticism of Syria Offensive

As Henry Ridgwell reports, Amnesty International says the crackdown is part of a wider attack on freedom of expression in Turkey. Голос Америки

Turkey Faces Growing Regional Tensions Over Syria

Straining ties with allies, President Erdogan warns Turkish forces will not leave Syria until all foreign powers withdraw Голос Америки

UN Report: Jordan, UAE, Turkey, Sudan Accused of Violating Sanctions on Libya

Report to the UN Security Council Libya sanctions committee, seen by Reuters on Monday, also accuses Sudan and the head of Sudan's Rapid Support Forces (RSF), Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo of violating UN sanctions by deploying 1,000 Sudanese troops to Libya...Голос Америки

Backer of Syria's White Helmets Found Dead in Turkey

The Syrian government, as well as its Russian and Iranian allies, have accused the White Helmets of aiding terrorists Голос Америки

3 Blasts Hit North Syria Town Inflicting Casualties

Car bombs went off in the northern Syrian town of Qamishli near the border with Turkey, while a priest was shot dead in a nearby area by unknown gunmen, state media and activists say...Голос Америки

Russia says ready to help normalize Armenia-Turkey ties

Russia says ready to help normalize Armenia-Turkey ties

Moscow is ready to contribute to the normalization of relations between Armenia and Turkey, said Sergey Lavrov.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Turkey Starts Returning IS Fighters, Deports US National

A U.S. national who is a member of the Islamic State group has been deported home, a Turkish official said Monday, as Ankara began repatriating captured foreign IS fighters Голос Америки

Tel Abyad Armenian church opens for worship

Tel Abyad Armenian church opens for worship

Turkey has restored an Armenian Orthodox Church that was used by the People's Protection Units as a military base. Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Trump to Confront Turkey About Buying Russian Defense System

National security adviser tells CBS' 'Face the Nation' that the US is 'very upset' about Turkey's purchase of the Russian S-400 system...Голос Америки

Are Turkey's National Security Concerns in Syria Really Addressed?

...world last week shifted to death of Islamic State (IS) leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in US operation in northwestern Syria, Turkey has continued its attacks on Kurds...Голос Америки

Erdoğan claims Trump offered to call Armenian Genocide a "war"

Erdoğan claims Trump offered to call Armenian Genocide a "war"

Erdogan said Turkey "had grown tired of being threatened with the Armenian issue by the United States.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

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