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Завод Linglong успешно прошел аудит MAN

Успешное прохождение аудита закладывает прочную основу для ускорения процессов выхода бренда Linglong на международный уровень. TOPOF.ru - о шинах и колесах

GM Plans to Pull out of Australia, New Zealand and Thailand

The company said in a statement Sunday that it plans to wind down sales, engineering and design operations for its historic Holden brand in Australia and New Zealand in 2021 Голос Америки

Thai Soldier's Deadly Rampage Puts Army on Defense

Thailand's politically powerful military has staked its reputation on preserving peace and order. Голос Америки

Свитолину выбили из турнира в Хуахине

Украинская теннисистка проиграла в 1/4 финала Thailand Open японке Нао ХибиноThe post Свитолину выбили из турнира в Хуахине appeared first on Новости Харькова и Харьковской области. Медиа группа "Объектив"

Thai Policy for Containing Coronavirus Stems from Royal Decisions

King Rama V opened the nation's first full hospital in 1888, then sent a son to Harvard to study medicine and public health; today, Thailand is well-equipped and prepared for outbreaks, experts say Голос Америки

Thais Worry That Not Enough Being Done to Prevent Coronavirus Outbreak

n Thailand, where scientists had predicted a bigger outbreak of the virus, updated information has been sporadic, leaving many Thais - especially broadcasters and other in the media - to wonder if some cases are going undetected, or unreported Голос Америки

Thailand Mourns Victims of 'Unprecedented' Shooting Rampage

A Thai soldier angry over a financial dispute killed 29 and wounded nearly 60 people Saturday before security forces fatally shot him after 12-hour standoff Голос Америки

Thai Mass shooting that Killed 26 Lasted More than 16 Hours

It was Thailand's biggest mass shooting carried out by a single gunman Голос Америки

Thai Gunman Shot Dead in Mall;(2)

Thai officials say a soldier who went on a shooting rampage was angry over a financial dispute Голос Америки

Thailand Touted for Rare Move to Drop Chinese Plan for Mekong River

The Thai cabinet has scrapped a project backed by Beijing to dredge and blow open a rocky stretch of the river for larger ships after years of local opposition Голос Америки

Rampaging Thai Soldier Kills at Least 20 People, Holes Up in Mall

A Cabinet minister in Thailand says at least 20 people have been killed and 31 injured in a mass shooting Голос Америки

Стрельба в Таиланде: Солдат удерживает 16 заложников

Стрельба в Таиланде: Солдат удерживает 16 заложников

Торговый центр окружен полицией, автомобильное движение в районе торгового центра полностью перекрыто. Актуальные новости в любое время. Tengrinews.kz

Солдат открыл стрельбу в Таиланде, погибли 12 человек

Солдат открыл стрельбу в Таиланде, погибли 12 человек

В результате стрельбы погибли по меньшей мере 12 человек. Актуальные новости в любое время. Tengrinews.kz

Experts Warn Coronavirus May Be Spreading Undetected in Indonesia, Thailand

Number of cases reported in those two countries is well below what scientists would expect, given how closely connected they are to Wuhan, China Голос Америки

Vietnam Goes Big on Solar Power

By the end of last year Vietnam had surpassed Malaysia and Thailand to reach the largest installed capacity of solar power in Southeast Asia Голос Америки

China's Women's Olympic Soccer Team Quarantined in Australia

The tournament had been scheduled to kick off next Monday with a double-header of China against Thailand followed by Australia against Taiwan Голос Америки

What are coronaviruses?(2)

A new coronavirus virus - from the family as the deadly SARS disease - has spread beyond China's borders, with cases emerging in the U.S., Thailand, Japan, and South Korea. Голос Америки

Death Toll from New Coronavirus in China Rises to Nine

World Health Organization to hold emergency meeting Wednesday as total number of cases in China rises to 440, with other cases confirmed in Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan and the US Голос Америки

China to Hold Coronavirus Emergency Meeting with WHO

The outbreak, which originated in China, has so far spread to other countries including Japan, South Korea, Thailand and the Philippines. Голос Америки

New Tech, Sharp Docs Made Fast ID of Wuhan Coronavirus Possible

41 people have become ill; three travelers have carried it to Thailand and Japan Голос Америки

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