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US Airstrikes Kill 4 Islamic State Terrorists in Afghanistan

Two counterterrorism airstrikes Tuesday focused on areas in the Afghan province of Kunar, which houses Islamic State bases and borders Pakistan, the US military spokesman tweeted Голос Америки

Kenya Struggles Against Al-Shabaab Terrorists in Boni Forest

Kenya launched an operation to flush out Al-Shabab terrorists from the northeast Boni Forest on the border with Somalia in 2015. The operation was meant to last a few...Голос Америки

Expert: The hopes of the Turkish Foreign Minister for exerting Russian influence on Armenia are part of a far-reaching strategy

...where Moscow has an influence on President Bashar Assad and operates the influence mentioned, and Ankara controls the group of terrorists and has influence on the Syrian opposition. "This is what Chavushoglu has in mind when he expects "steps from...Arminfo: Главная

Russia Blacklists More Than 200 Jehovah's Witnesses

Adding members of the banned religious group to a register of extremists and terrorists cuts them off from Russia's financial system...Голос Америки

Britain's Boris Johnson Moves to Keep Terrorists Imprisoned

Britain's deradicalization programs are once again in the spotlight after Sunday's terror attack in which two people were wounded in London, with questions being asked about why the programs aren't working Голос Америки

Tight Security Promised for Super Bowl 54 in Miami (2)

The Super Bowl has long been considered a potential target for terrorists or other violent extremists, and this year the game will be played amid rising tensions with Iran...Голос Америки

Burkina Faso to 'Lightly' Arm Citizens After Terrorists Kill 36 (2)

Government suspects Islamic jihadists behind attack on two villages Голос Америки

Iran designates all U.S. forces, Pentagon as "terrorists"(2)

Iran designates all U.S. forces, Pentagon as "terrorists"

Iranian lawmakers also voted to bolster by £170million ($224 million) the coffers of the Quds Force. Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

French Army Carries out First-Ever Drone Strike during Mali Operations(2)

...out a drone strike for the first time, during operations in Mali at the weekend in which it said 40 'terrorists' were killed...Голос Америки

Russia Seeks to Build Local Force in Northeast Syria(2)

The military force reportedly would replace a U.S.-backed, Kurdish-armed group that Turkey claims are terrorists Голос Америки

Turkey's President Blasts Lack of Support for 'Operation Peace Spring'(2)

Erdogan says he launched his military offensive in northern Syria to clear the area of Kurdish terrorists Голос Америки

Kosovo Jails Former Minister for Denying 1999 War Massacre(2)

Ivan Todosijevic was serving as a minister in the Pristina government in March this year when he described NATO as an aggressor, declared the 'Racak massacre was fabricated' and called Albanians 'terrorists' Голос Америки

Nikol Pashinyan: Armenia should protect its national interests at all  sites(2)

...information, many Azerbaijani citizens are fighting in the Islamic State," the Prime Minister said, adding that then the eyes of terrorists can be turned to the west, north, south, east, and the interests of the CSTO countries can clash over...Arminfo: Главная

Terror Attack Has Britons Questioning De-Radicalization Effort(2)

Following Friday's dramatic London Bridge knife attack, the early release of convicted terrorists as well as de-radicalization programs are coming under harsh scrutiny amid accusations militants are hoodwinking authorities...Голос Америки

UN Investigators Work to Prosecute Islamic State Terrorists(2)

More than 100 UN investigators collecting evidence in Iraq have identified several IS members and are building files to be presented to appropriate courts Голос Америки

US Blacklists Companies, People for Support of Islamic State(2)

...two people operating in Syria, Turkey, the Gulf and Europe were blacklisted under an executive order that imposes sanctions on terrorists and those who have provided assistance or support for terrorists...Голос Америки

Burkina Faso Army: 32 'Terrorists' Killed in Two Operations(2)

One soldier was killed in the operations, which come less than a month after 37 people were killed in an ambush on a convoy transporting employees of a Canadian mining company Голос Америки

Pope prays for Armenian Catholic priests killed by ISIS militants in  Syria(2)

...his father. I pray for them, for their relatives and for all Christians in Syria," Francis wrote. On November 11, terrorists attacked a car of priests heading to Deir Ezor. As a result of the shelling of the car, the...Arminfo: Главная

Armenia voiced UN issue of killing of Armenian priets  in Syria by  ISIS fighters(2)

The meeting emphasized the importance of intensifying international efforts to prevent hate crimes, mass crimes and genocides. The day before, terrorists attacked a car of priests heading to Deir Ezor. As a result of the shelling of the car, the...Arminfo: Главная

Backer of Syria's White Helmets Found Dead in Turkey(2)

The Syrian government, as well as its Russian and Iranian allies, have accused the White Helmets of aiding terrorists Голос Америки

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