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Turkish Soldiers' Deaths Ramp Up Tensions With Moscow

Diplomatic efforts by Turkey, Russia to end impasse in Idlib remain deadlocked Голос Америки

Pompeo Heads to Saudi Arabia to Talk Iran, Other Key Issues

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo arrives in Riyadh on Wednesday at a time of heightened tensions in the Middle East.Голос Америки

Amid Soaring Tensions, Leaders Prepare for Key Global Security Summit

US sending large delegation to Munich Security Conference; numerous security flashpoints around the world, from Syria, Yemen and Iran to Hong Kong, Ukraine and Libya are on the agenda Голос Америки

Tensions Soar as Leaders Prepare for Key Global Security Summit

US sending large delegation to Munich Security Conference Голос Америки

Turkish Soldiers Killed in Syria as Tensions with Damascus Escalate

The latest escalation in fighting comes as Ankara continues to reinforce its troops in Idlib, while Russian-Turkish diplomatic efforts to end violence remain deadlocked Голос Америки

Suspected Israeli Airstrikes Reportedly Kill 23 Syrian Combatants

Attacks in Syria came amid growing tensions between Israeli soldiers and Palestinians following announcement of President Donald Trump's Middle East peace plan...Голос Америки

Turkish-Russian Tension Over Syria Opens Door to Washington

Monday's killing of Turkish soldiers, by Russian-backed Syrian government forces, fuels Ankara-Moscow tensions, offering Washington chance of reset with Ankara...Голос Америки

UK Journalists Walk Out in Government Briefing Protest

Walk-out in protest at the exclusion of some reporters, in latest tensions between Prime Minister Boris Johnson's team and media...Голос Америки

Brexit Brinkmanship As Tensions Simmer Between UK And Brussels(2)

London says it will not align with EU standards, despite Brussels' hopes Голос Америки

US Forces Block Another Russian Convoy as Tensions Rise in Northeast Syria

American troops in northeast Syria prevented Russian military convoys from touring near the Iraqi border, in what locals describe as an increased escalation over freedom of movement in the predominantly Kurdish region Голос Америки

Tight Security Promised for Super Bowl 54 in Miami

...considered a potential target for terrorists or other violent extremists, and this year the game will be played amid rising tensions with Iran...Голос Америки

Pakistan Rebukes India's Modi Over 'War-Mongering' Remarks

Tensions between the two countries remain high over the Kashmir territorial dispute Голос Америки

Nighttime Rocket Attack on US Embassy in Baghdad Injured 1

The US Embassy is within the Iraqi capital's Green Zone, and has been a flashpoint amid wider regional tensions between the US and Iran, which have played out inside Iraq in recent weeks...Голос Америки

Did Tweets Help Deescalate Recent US-Iran Tensions?

While the world was bracing for a major confrontation between the two longtime foes, some experts say Twitter messages from both sides helped mitigate a potentially explosive situation and allowed for some back-channel diplomacy to take its course Голос Америки

Biden Downplays Tensions with Sanders Over Social Security

The former vice president pledged in a wide-ranging interview with MSNBC that if he reaches the White House, he would not agree to any budget deal that curtails Social Security benefits Голос Америки

Israel's Internal Politics Raise Tensions with Jordan

As US prepares Mideast plan, Israeli politicians' contest on how much of the West Bank they will annex is causing anxiety and frustration in Jordan Голос Америки

Reports: Tensions Grow Between US, Russian Forces in Northeast Syria

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a war monitor that has researchers inside the country, reported that US forces didn't allow Russian military vehicles to use a major road between two Kurdish-held towns in Syria's northeast Голос Америки

Iraqi Officials: At Least 13 Wounded in Baghdad Violence

The violence is the latest since protests in Iraq reignited last week after a brief lull amid soaring tensions between Washington and Tehran...Голос Америки

A Majority of Millennials Surveyed Expect World War III in Their Lifetime

16 countries at peace and at war indicates majority is nervous about future, and a large plurality believes heightened global tensions are likely to lead to catastrophic war...Голос Америки

Iran's Clerics, Elected Politicians Maneuver Ahead of Parliamentary Polls

Shooting down last week of a Ukrainian airliner over Tehran is at the center of rising tensions between Iran's clerics and the country's elected politicians...Голос Америки

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