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Turkish Casualties Rise in Syria, but Ankara Wary of Confronting Russia

Analysts suggest Russia's economic clout over Turkey a factor in the bilateral relationship Голос Америки

Forecast: Turkey may push Azerbaijan to adventure against Artsakh in revenge of Russia

And he will not dare to final, open aggravation of relations with Russia. Arminfo: Главная

Erdogan to Hold Syria Summit With Russia, France and Germany

Leaders to discuss situation in Syria's last rebel enclave of Idlib Голос Америки

Erdogan tells Putin it's necessary to control Syrian government in Idlib

Erdogan tells Putin it

The presidency's readout of the phone call did not cite any new deal between the two countries on developments in Syria. Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Reporter's Notebook: A Family's Escape From Syria's Idlib

Families say they may have nowhere to go, but they will not go back Голос Америки

UN Chief Calls for Immediate Cease-Fire in Syria's Idlib

Guterres issues urgent appeal for additional aid for 900,000 who have recently fled violence, including children Голос Америки

UN Warns of Bloodbath in Syria's Idlib

Stepped-up military action by Syrian regime forces backed by Russia to regain control of the last rebel-held area in the country has displaced some 900,000 civilians since December Голос Америки

UN Fears Fighting Will Follow Fleeing Syrians

UN officials demand urgent cease-fire in northwest Syria as nearly 1 million people flee in freezing temperatures toward Turkish border Голос Америки

Erdogan says Turkey "won't leave" Idlib to Syria's Assad

Erdogan says Turkey "won

Erdogan threatened to launch an operation in Syria's Idlib region by the end of the month if Damascus fails to withdraw. Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Syria's Aleppo Airport Resumes Flights Amid Nearby Offensive

The flight carrying Syrian officials and journalists was a symbolic message from President Bashar Assad's government, days after its forces consolidated control over the northwestern province of Aleppo and seized the last segments of the strategic M5 highway linking Aleppo...Голос Америки

Erdogan: Talks With Russia Unsatisfactory, Turkish Offensive in Syria 'Matter Of Time'

A Syrian army offensive, backed by Russian air support, has triggered the biggest wave of refugees in the nine-year conflict Голос Америки

Massive Turkish Army convoy reportedly enters northwestern Syria

Massive Turkish Army convoy reportedly enters northwestern Syria

A Turkish military convoy crossed the Syrian border, entering the north-eastern part of the country. Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Syria to reopen Aleppo airport for first time in 9 years

Syria to reopen Aleppo airport for first time in 9 years

The governor of Aleppo, Hussein Diab, had announced in August of last year that the international airport was ready. Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Syria Military Hails Advance Against Rebels in 'Record Time'

The announcement came hours after troops consolidated the government's hold over the key Aleppo province, capturing over 30 villages and hamlets in the western countryside in one day and securing the provincial capital Голос Америки

Russian military deploys along Aleppo-Damascus highway - report

Russian military deploys along Aleppo-Damascus highway - report

The Russian military has begun to deploy along the Highway for the first time since they began their intervention in Syria. Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Turkey, Russia Fear Humanitarian Disaster in Syria's Idlib

Turkey’s foreign minister says a Turkish delegation will hold talks in Russia Monday on the situation in Syria’s Idlib province amid mounting fears of a humanitarian disaster there Голос Америки

Syria Says Israel Attacked Iranian Weapons Near Damascus

Syria says that Israel attacked five separate targets near Damascus overnight with missiles from the Golan Heights Голос Америки

Armenia FM, Arab League chief talk humanitarian situation in Syria

Armenia FM, Arab League chief talk humanitarian situation in Syria

Mnatsakanyan stressed that Armenia appreciates the expansion and deepening of Armenian-Arab relations. Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Turkey Continues Military Buildup in Syria, Seeking Diplomatic Solution From Moscow

Turkey is still building forces in Idlib as Damascus forces advance, but Ankara makes gesture to Moscow in bid for diplomatic solution as UN warns of humanitarian crisis Голос Америки

AP Explains: Why Syria's M5 is Assad's Highway to Victory

Syrian President Bashar Assad has gained what's perhaps his most significant strategic victory in the nearly 9-year-old Syrian civil war: the recapture of the all-important M5 highway Голос Америки

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