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Australia Reports New Single-Day Coronavirus Death Toll

All 21 deaths occurred in Victoria state, epicenter of dramatic surge of new COVID-19 infections...Голос Америки

Britain, France Work Together to Stop English Channel Immigration

Warmer weather in recent weeks as seen a surge in illegal crossings of the channel, with Britain reporting more than 600 migrants arriving there in the last two weeks...Голос Америки

Cuba Re-imposes Partial Lockdown as COVID-19 Cases Surge in Havana

Cuba returns to partial lockdown to slow spread of coronavirus Голос Америки

Greek Island Locks Down as COVID-19 Infections Soar Across Country

Sudden surge sparks US State Department travel advisory for Greece...Голос Америки

Bahamas Begins 2-Week Lockdown After Another COVID Surge

The Bahamas begins two week national lockdown Tuesday  Голос Америки

Mobile Crematory Operators Aim to Help Bolivia with Increase in COVID-19 Deaths(2)

Mobile crematory rolls into Bolivia communities in need of funeral services Голос Америки

Parents Struggle as Schools Reopen Amid Coronavirus Surge

Parents in some states are getting their first look at a new school year as the coronavirus continues to cause upheaval in school systems around the country Голос Америки

Fauci Back on Capitol Hill as Virus Surge Drives New Fears

Uncertainty clouds the nation's path forward Голос Америки

Death Toll from Australia Coronavirus Surge Rises to 189

Southern Victoria state, epicenter of outbreak, posts 723 new cases and 13 deaths Wednesday, a new one-day record Голос Америки

US Renters Owe $21.5B in Back Rent;

Without a solution soon, the likely result 'will be a staggering surge in homelessness unlike anything we have seen,' one expert says...Голос Америки

Japan Reaches 1,000 Daily COVID-19 Cases for 1st Time

Aichi, Osaka see highest daily cases ever as surge goes beyond Tokyo...Голос Америки

US Attorney Urges New Mexico City to Embrace Surge in Federal Agents

A letter to the mayor Tuesday reiterated that the new agents will conduct 'classic crime fighting' activities by augmenting existing federal task forces in Albuquerque Голос Америки

Malaysia's Hungry Banking on Charity to Get Through Lockdown

Food banks have seen surge in demand since coronavirus pandemic sent country into stifling lockdown in mid-March...Голос Америки

Austrian Resort Town Reports Sudden COVID-19 Surge

At least 50 of 53 new cases found in seasonal workers from abroad in the hospitality industry in town of St. Голос Америки

Hurricane Hanna Weakens But Flooding Still a Threat in Texas, Mexico

Hurricane hit a region in south Texas and northern Mexico already reeling from a surge in cases of the coronavirus...Голос Америки

France Advises Citizens Not to Travel to Catalonia

Spanish region displaying surge in COVID-19 cases...Голос Америки

South Africa Closes Schools For a Month as Coronavirus Cases Surge

Case burden of coronavirus grows past 400,000 - Africa's highest infection number Голос Америки

Trump Cancels Republican Party Convention in Florida

Due to state's coronavirus surge, president declares 'it is not the right time' to hold a big political event...Голос Америки

Another 1.4 Million US Workers File for Jobless Benefits

Last week's new claims rose for first time since March, a sign economy is struggling to regain footing in face of COVID surge Голос Америки

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