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MFA of Armenia urges Armenians living in Iran to contact Embassy amid spreading coronavirus infection

ArmInfo.The Armenian Embassy in Iran, taking into account the situation with coronavirus in Iran and the risk of the possible spread of infection, urges Armenians living in Iran to contact the Embassy of the Republic of Armenia. According to the...Arminfo: Главная

Tokyo Delays Olympic Volunteer Training Because of Virus

Tokyo Olympic organizers have postponed training sessions for volunteers because of the virus outbreak spreading from China but again stated there are no plans to cancel or delay the 2020 Games...Голос Америки

'Take One, Leave One': Mexican Idea To Help Homeless Goes Global

A surprisingly simple idea to help homeless people has gone viral - and is spreading around the world.Голос Америки

Experts Warn Coronavirus May Be Spreading Undetected in Indonesia, Thailand

Number of cases reported in those two countries is well below what scientists would expect, given how closely connected they are to Wuhan, China Голос Америки

Adidas Closes 'Considerable' Number of Stores in China Due to Coronavirus

The company said the fast-spreading virus was having a negative impact on its business but added that it could not yet assess to what extent...Голос Америки

Kabul Hospital Prepares to Receive Afghan Students From Virus-hit China

Wuhan, China, home to the quickly spreading coronavirus hosts thousands of foreign students including many Afghan students...Голос Америки

Iran Bans Travelers from China, Crippling Plan to Boost Chinese Tourism

Iran's health minister announced a ban on air travelers from China on Friday to prevent the China coronavirus outbreak from spreading to the country...Голос Америки

Masked Passengers Face Fever Alarms, Paranoia on Flights

...their way to and from China are navigating an eerie scene as officials around the globe work to contain the fast-spreading coronavirus...Голос Америки

China Coronavirus Outbrteak

Chinese cities are on lockdown during the country's busiest tourist season as a new strain of coronavirus is spreading quickly.Голос Америки

Coronavirus outbreak: Bill Gates Foundation committing $10 million

Coronavirus outbreak: Bill Gates Foundation committing $10 million

More than 2,700 people in China are now said to have been infected by the fast-spreading coronavirus.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

FAO Warns Locust Swarms Spreading Beyond Horn of Africa

In a joint press conference Friday, the FAO and the East African regional body IGAD said locusts feeding on crops could leave millions of people without food Голос Америки

China Slams US for 'Spreading Rumors' About BRI Investments in Pakistan

Critics in the US and elsewhere see China's Belt and Road Initiative as a 'debt trap' for economically struggling countries like Pakistan Голос Америки

Taiwan's Anti-Infiltration Bill Sends Relations with China to New Low

Legislators passed a law Tuesday that allows fines for influencing elections, spreading fake news and making certain political contributions from outside Taiwan...Голос Америки

«Щелкунчик» в исполнении Tesla Model X(2)

мечте быть мечтой. Если Tesla Model X может идеально воспроизвести «Щелкунчика», танцуя открывающимися и закрывающимися дверцами, то и вы можете. Spreading Holiday cheer for all to hear… @elonmusk and @Tesla Merry Christmas from Waxahachie Tx. pic.twitter.com/T6cMkcGMh2 — Jeff Schmidt (@schmidtsworld)...Новости высоких технологий, обзоры и технические характеристики

Middle East Protests: Why Now and to What End?(4)

Analysts say uprisings in Lebanon, Iraq and Algeria seem unrelated, but the frustration that drives them is spreading Голос Америки

Iraqi PM Warns Against Violence on Eve of Planned Protests (2)

Violent unrest erupted in Baghdad on Oct. 1, spreading to southern cities; demonstrators blame corrupt officials and political elites for failing to improve their lives...Голос Америки

In Fight Against Swine Fever, North Korea Seen as Weak Link(2)

South Korea is deploying snipers, traps and drones along its border in intensified efforts to stop wild boars from spreading the disease from North Korea...Голос Америки

US Health Delegation Committed to Fighting Ebola Outbreak in DRC(2)

Ebola is again spreading quickly in several African countries, with the Democratic Republic of Congo in particular peril. VOA's Plugged In traveled with U.S.Голос Америки

Dengue Fever Spreading Rapidly Across Central America(2)

More than 71,200 people said to be affected in Honduras by the mosquito-borne viral disease, with Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Costa Rica are reporting 'massive increases' Голос Америки

Indonesian Human Rights Lawyer Accused of Inciting Protests(2)

Police have accused a prominent human rights lawyer of spreading information on Twitter that incited violent protests in Indonesia's restive Papua region...Голос Америки

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