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Putin Says Oil Prices 'Acceptable' Ahead Of OPEC+ Meeting

...influential OPEC members were likely to call for a larger-than-expected reduction in oil output by the group as the global spread of coronavirus and related effects slow economies and depress international demand for oil...Голос Америки

Korean Sect Leader Apologizes for the Spread of the Coronavirus

Lee Man-hee is revered by his followers as the "Promised Pastor" who will take 144,000 people with him to heaven on the Day of Judgement Голос Америки

Africa Boosts Preparations for Possible Spread of New Virus

As of Monday, the continent of 1.2 billion people has just six confirmed cases of COVID-19 - three in Algeria, two in Egypt and one in Nigeria Голос Америки

S. Korea at 'War' With Coronavirus as Governments Try to Stop Spread

International death toll more than 3,000, but the WHO says the number of new cases in China, the epicenter of the virus, is dropping Голос Америки

Britain Warns of Wider Coronavirus Threat

British officials are trying to ready country for a 'more widespread transmission' of coronavirus and have warned that if there's a spread cities could be ordered locked down...Голос Америки

Virus Spread Prompts Fed to Slash Rates in Surprise Move

It is the first time the central bank has cut its key rate between policy meetings since the 2008 financial crisis and the largest rate cut since then Голос Америки

Virus Spread Prompts Fed to Slash Rates in Surprise Move

Chairman Jerome Powell said at a news conference that the virus 'will surely weigh on economic activity both here and abroad for some time' Голос Америки

South Korea Sect Says It's Unlucky;

Over the past two weeks, there have been more than 5,000 cases of coronavirus in South Korea; more than half of those infections have been linked to a single fringe religious group Голос Америки

Iran frees 54,000 prisoners to combat spread of coronavirus

Iran frees 54,000 prisoners to combat spread of coronavirus

The jailed British-Iranian charity worker Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe may be freed soon, according to a British MP. Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Defectors: North Korea Military May Become Hotbed of Coronavirus Infections

Crowded, often unhygienic barracks and soldiers' poor diet could lead to a rapid spread of the coronavirus, which in turn could pose a serious threat to the regime stability...Голос Америки

Amid Coronavirus Spread, Governments Take Steps to Prevent Recession

VOA's Mariama Diallo has more from Washington. Голос Америки

Xi Postponing Japan Visit Amid Coronavirus Outbreak(2)

Governments are closing schools, keeping suspected cases in quarantine to try to stop spread Голос Америки

As India's Coronavirus Cases Spike, Worries Rise

Potential for rapid spread of virus, given country's dense population, has been focus of serious concern for health experts...Голос Америки

Seoul Tries 'Social Distancing' to Prevent Coronavirus Spread

'Let's take a break from social life,' officials in South Korean capital urge Голос Америки

World Girds for Months of Trouble as Virus Pushes West

People around the world girded for months of disruptions from the new virus Thursday as its unrelenting spread brought ballooning infections, economic fallout and sweeping containment measures...Голос Америки

OPEC Calls for Big Production Cut, But Will Russia Agree?

...for a deep production cut of 1.5 million barrels per day to support prices that are sagging due to the spread of the coronavirus...Голос Америки

Countries Scramble to Combat Coronavirus Spread

More travel restrictions and closures impact lives worldwide Голос Америки

Italy Closes Schools, Universities Due to Coronavirus Spread

Soccer games will be played without spectators Голос Америки

Armenia reports three new cases of coronavirus

Armenia reports three new cases of coronavirus

Everyone who has been in close contact with the three patients will be isolated to prevent the spread of the virus.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Merkel says 70% of the Germans could contract coronavirus

Merkel says 70% of the Germans could contract coronavirus

"The process has to be focused on not overburdening the health system by slowing the virus's spread," Merkel said.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

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