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SRC employees prevented two cases of cell phone smuggling

ArmInfo. Employees of the State Revenue Committee (SRC ) prevented two cases of torture of the smuggling of cell phones into Armenia. This was reported by the press service of the SRC. According to the source, in...Arminfo: Главная

Iran’s November Gas Price Hike Fails to Ease Fuel Smuggling to Pakistan(2)

Smuggling of relatively cheap Iranian fuel products to neighboring countries has stayed high since November gas price hike, signaling resilience of smuggling networks Голос Америки

5 Charged in Attempted Human Smuggling at Canadian Border

Two of the men were charged with bringing immigrants into the US illegally and harboring them Голос Америки

IRNA: Iran Seizes Ship for Fuel Smuggling

IRNA said the ship was carrying nearly 1,312,000 liters of fuel; the report did not say what national flag the vessel was flying Голос Америки

Bold Smuggling Attempt at US-Mexico Border

A driver pulled a tractor-trailer into the commercial vehicle inspection lanes at a US Border Patrol checkpoint in Laredo, and waited for agents to check the truck Голос Америки

Nigeria's Border Smuggling Crackdown Affecting Regional Trade, Prices(2)

Nigeria's decision to close land border trade to stop smuggling is affecting regional trade and prices of goods being forced through already bogged-down water ports. Nigeria’s neighbors argue it’s against...Голос Америки

Venezuela's Ex-spymaster to Be Extradited to US(2)

...is being re-arrested in Madrid and is likely to be extradited to the United States to be tried on drug smuggling and other charges...Голос Америки

UK Police Identify Truck Victims; 10 Teenagers Among 39 Dead(2)

All victims were from Vietnam, police confirmed last week in one of Britain's worst incidents of people smuggling Голос Америки

China Sentences 9 to Jail for Smuggling Fentanyl to US(2)

Chinese and US law enforcement worked together to break up the smuggling ring...Голос Америки

Jordanian Man Sentenced for Role in US-Mexico Smuggling Ring(2)

At least six Yemeni men crossed into Texas with the help of Moayad Aldairi, according to the US Justice Department Голос Америки

Authorities Arrest 2 More in UK's Gruesome Truck Deaths Case(2)

...in the back of a container truck in southeastern England as the investigation into one of the country's worst human smuggling cases geared up...Голос Америки

UK Police Expand Probe, Say 39 Dead in Truck all From China(2)

All 39 people found dead in a container truck near an English port were Chinese citizens, British police confirmed Thursday as they pressed to investigate one of the country's deadliest cases of people smuggling Голос Америки

US Prisons to Photocopy Inmate Mail to Curb Drug Smuggling(2)

...of Prisons has started photocopying inmate letters at some federal correctional centers across the US in an effort to combat smuggling of synthetic narcotics like K-2...Голос Америки

Nigeria's Land Borders  Closed to All Goods, Customs Chief Says(2)

Africa's largest economy launched a partial border closurein August as part of an effort to thwart smuggling of rice andother goods...Голос Америки

HTTP Request smuggling — новые подходы(2)

7 октября 2019 года директор отдела исследований PortSwigger (производителя BurpSuite) опубликовал исследование о новых подходах к HTTP Request smuggling. С их помощью он заработал на bugbounty около $70000. В этой заметке мы коротко выясним суть атаки, инструментарий, а также...Лучшие публикации за сутки / Хабрахабр

Report: North Korea Using British Companies To Bypass Nuclear Sanctions(2)

British-registered companies used to disguise coal smuggling networks...Голос Америки

US Marines Charged in Connection With Human Smuggling Ring(2)

Investigators focusing on efforts to transport undocumented immigration for money Голос Америки

Egypt Arrests 16 Suspected Muslim Brotherhood Members(2)

Egypt says police have arrested 16 suspected Muslim Brotherhood members for allegedly smuggling currency out of the country and plotting militant attacks in Egypt...Голос Америки

Man Carrying Honey, Not Methamphetamine, Jailed for Months(2)

...bring back some honey from his favorite roadside stand and was jailed for months on the false assumption he was smuggling methamphetamine...Голос Америки

Government Lawyer: US Asks Gibraltar to Hold Iranian Tanker in Detention(2)

The British overseas territory's Supreme Court was set to release the Grace 1, which is suspected of smuggling oil to Syria, when the US Justice department applied for the vessel to be seized...Голос Америки

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