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10 million in Sudan facing food shortages

10 million in Sudan facing food shortages

Almost a quarter of the population of Sudan are going hungry as conflict and crises take their toll. Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Syria to Face First Severe Bread Shortages Since Start of War

Syrian economic crisis and new US sanctions challenge essential bread supply Голос Америки

Pakistan Rolls Out First Locally Produced Ventilators

Until four months ago, Pakistan had been importing the crucial medical equipment and faced acute shortages because of the coronavirus...Голос Америки

As World Blood Donor Day Approaches, COVID-19 Strains Supply(2)

Pandemic has increased shortages, endangering people in medical crises, health officials say...Голос Америки

'Chaos in Georgia': Is Messy Primary a November Harbinger? (2)

Many Democrats blame Republican secretary of state for hours-long lines, voting machine malfunctions, provisional ballot shortages and absentee ballots failing to arrive in time for elections...Голос Америки

Philippines Allows Soft Post-Lockdown Reopening to Avert Dire Economic Fall (2)

The Southeast Asian country has faced food shortages and a signs of more poverty because of anti-coronavirus containment measures, Some measures were lifted June 1...Голос Америки

Iranian Oil Taker Docks in Venezuela, Defying US Sanctions(2)

Collapse of economy has led to severe fuel shortages in Venezuela...Голос Америки

Iran Warns US Not to Interfere With Shipment of Oil to Venezuela(2)

Five Iranian tankers expected to start arriving in Venezuela in coming days are carrying gasoline to alleviate severe fuel shortages Голос Америки

Congress Pushes for Return of Pharmaceutical Supply Chains (2)

Lawmakers concerned about possible drug shortages amid the coronavirus outbreak are pressing pharmaceutical companies to bring manufacturing back to the US...Голос Америки

For Many Cambodians, Debt Repayment Bigger Threat Than COVID-19(2)

Job loss due to the impact of the coronavirus on garment manufacturing and tourism can mean food shortages, loss of land...Голос Америки

WHO: Pandemic postpones vaccinations against other diseases(2)

WHO: Pandemic postpones vaccinations against other diseases

At least 21 countries are reporting vaccine shortages as a result of travel restrictions.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

EU Eyes Mobilization of Retired Medical Workers, Students to Fight Coronavirus(2)

More than 4,000 cases have been so far detected across EU countries, with many facing shortages in skilled staff...Голос Америки

Search for Water Solutions Engages Pakistan-born Students(2)

Houston team at Future City National Finals in Washington addresses problem of water shortages, an issue that resonates with them...Голос Америки

Attacks Prevent Displaced in Syria's Idlib from Getting Health Care(2)

Fighting has put dozens of health facilities out of commission and created shortages of medicine and medical supplies...Голос Америки

Coronavirus: There aren't enough medical masks in the world(2)

Coronavirus: There aren

The scale of the epidemic in China and the spread of the coronavirus globally has driven shortages across the globe.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

UK Employers Fear Worker Shortages in New Immigration Plan(2)

Britain has announced new immigration rules that will take effect next year - and many businesses, particularly farms, food factories and care homes, are alarmed Голос Америки

Saudi-led Coalition Says Its Warplane Was Downed Over Yemen(2)

The war has killed over 100,000 people and created the world's worst humanitarian crisis, leaving millions suffering from food and medical shortages Голос Америки

UN: Millions of Malians In Need as Armed Groups Wreak Havoc(2)

Around 4.3 million Malians need humanitarian aid this year, including more than one million who are suffering serious food shortages Голос Америки

Thai Official Warns of Water Shortages Due to Weather, Dams

Tests of China's new upstream Jinghong dam on Jan. Голос Америки

Modi Unveils Plan to Tackle Water Shortages in India's Heartland States

India, the world's second-most populous country, faces the worst long-term water crisis in its history as demand outstrips supply Голос Америки

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