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Government Troops, Rebels Exchange Fire in Eastern Ukraine

Ukraine's military says in a statement that the Russia-backed separatists attempted to advance into the Ukraine-controlled territory but were repelled...Голос Америки

Priest arrested in Turkey for giving bread and water to PKK militants

Priest arrested in Turkey for giving bread and water to PKK militants

Fr. Bileçen was arrested after an informant testified that he provided bread and water to Kurdish separatists in 2018.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Fighting in Cameroon Kills Several Dozen

40 homes torched in less than a week in English-speaking North West region, following bloody clashes between government troops and separatists fighting for creation of independent English-speaking state called Ambazonia...Голос Америки

Latvian citizen who fought for the DPR was detained in Arkhangelsk Oblast after his arrival at Shies

The separatists call Aijo "Black Lenin" for his Communist views.Журнал 7х7

Ukraine Asks OSCE to Expand Its Monitoring Mission

An OSCE's special monitoring mission has been present in Ukraine since 2014, when fighting between government forces and Russia-backed separatists broke out in the country's eastern regions after Russia's annexation of Crimea...Голос Америки

Released by Separatists, RFE/RL Journalists Describe Imprisonment in Eastern Ukraine

Stanislav Aseyev and Oleh Halazyuk were among the civilians released by Russia-backed separatists in a prisoner swap on December 29, 2019.Голос Америки

Cameroon Receives First Returning Asylum-Seekers, Ex-Separatists from Nigeria

Group wants assurances that peace has returned before going back to troubled English-speaking regions Голос Америки

Mixed Reaction to Cameroon's Renewed Threats to Separatists

President Biya said the security problems in the North West and South West regions remain the most urgent issue to be tackled in the new year Голос Америки

Ukraine-Russia Prisoner Swap Draws Criticism(2)

Criticism mounted in Kyiv Monday over a controversial prisoner exchange with Russia-backed separatists as it emerged that among the captives were five riot policemen accused of killing protesters during the 2014 Maidan uprising...Голос Америки

Ukraine, Russia-Backed Separatists Begin Prisoner Swap(2)

The Ukrainian side is expected to hand over 87 people, while the separatists are set to swap 55...Голос Америки

Ukraine Begins Prisoner Swap With Separatists(2)

Swap gives fragile hope for resolution of conflict Голос Америки

Ukraine Rivals to Swap Prisoners Sunday: Separatists(2)

Both sides had said earlier this month they would carry out a prisoner exchange by the end of the year, following high-profile peace talks in Paris aimed at de-escalating Europe's only active war Голос Америки

Zelenskiy Says Ukrainian Prisoner Swap 'Supposed' to Happen Sunday (2)

However, list of individuals whom central Ukrainian authorities and Russia-backed separatists are to hand over has not been finalized...Голос Америки

Ukraine, Separatists Fail to Agree on Prisoner Exchange(2)

Rebel representative cites Ukraine's refusal to absolve rebels in its custody of criminal charges as main stumbling block; also, parties can't confirm numbers, verify lists of prisoners to be swapped Голос Америки

Cameroon Separatists Kidnap Candidates to Protest Election(2)

Separatist fighters in western Cameroon have abducted at least 40 candidates for parliament and local councils, in an effort to derail elections set for February Голос Америки

Russia, Ukraine Make Progress But No Breakthrough in Peace Talks (2)

...now turns to what's next in the quest to stop the simmering five-year war between Ukrainian government forces and Moscow-backed separatists in Ukraine's east...Голос Америки

Yemen Government Delays Return, Officials Blame Separatists(2)

Internationally recognized government was forced to delay its return to the port city of Aden, officials say, blaming southern separatists for stalling on the key point of a power-sharing deal signed early this month to end their infighting...Голос Америки

Ukraine, Rebels say Pullback in the East Completed(2)

Disengagement near Petrivske began Saturday and followed a recent similar withdrawal in another section of the frontline, where separatists and Ukrainian forces have been fighting since 2014...Голос Америки

Catalan Separatists Demonstrate on Election Eve(2)

Demonstrations aim to force Spaniards to reflect on prison sentences given to nine separatist leaders who spearheaded a failed independence bid in 2017, organizers say...Голос Америки

NATO Chief Calls For Russian Troop Withdrawal From Ukraine(2)

The comments come a day after Ukrainian government troops and the separatists started a disengagement process in the town of Zolote in the eastern Ukrainian region of Luhansk...Голос Америки

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