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Iran Sentences Alleged US Spies to up to 10 Years in Prison

Iran has sentenced eight environmental activists, including an Iranian who reportedly also has British and American citizenship, to prison terms ranging from four...Голос Америки

Somali Court Sentences Mogadishu Official for Past al-Shabab Membership

A court found that Nur Ali Ahmed (Mahad Alle) was a member of the terrorist organization and failed to follow the proper process to register himself as a defector when he left the group Голос Америки

Burundi Court Sentences 4 Private Journalists to Prison

Journalists were arrested in October in Musigati district in the western province while covering the aftermath of clashes between the army and a rebel group from South Kivu in neighboring Congo Голос Америки

China Sentences Ex- Interpol Boss to 13 Years for Bribes

Meng Hongwei's wife is now suing Interpol, accusing it of failing to protect him from arrest in China and failing to look after his family Голос Америки

For Many Sudanese, Death Sentences for Protester Killing Raise Hopes for Justice(2)

Protesters celebrate death sentences given to 29 national intelligence officers Monday in what they called the first victory after the ouster of former autocratic...Голос Америки

Croatia Sentences ex-PM, Hungary Energy Firm Boss for Graft(2)

Sanader - already serving time for a separate graft conviction - and MOL's Zsolt Hernadi were convicted for 'receiving and giving a bribe' concerning a 2009 deal after the Hungarian firm purchased shares in local oil and gas group INA,...Голос Америки

Sudan Sentences 27 to Death for Torturing, Killing Protester(2)

Members of security forces sentenced for torturing and killing a detained protester during the uprising against Sudan's longtime autocrat Omar al-Bashir earlier this year...Голос Америки

Saudi Court Sentences Yemeni to Death for Attacking Dancers(2)

A court in Saudi Arabia has ruled that a Yemeni man be executed for attacking and wounding dancers and a security guard during a performance on stage at a park in Riyadh, state media report Голос Америки

Turkish Court Sentences 7 Newspaper Employees to Prison(2)

Defendants are latest in long line of reporters, pundits, scholars to be accused of supporting US-based imam Fethullah Gulen Голос Америки

Saudi Court Sentences Five to Death Over Khashoggi Murder(2)

Jamal Khashoggi, a Washington Post contributor, was murdered in October last year and his body cut into pieces by a 15-man Saudi squad inside the kingdom's consulate in Istanbul Голос Америки

Judge Sentences Ex-Trump Campaign Deputy to Probation, 45 Days in Jail (2)

Rick Gates, 47, previously pled guilty in February 2018 to charges brought by Special Counsel Robert Mueller of lying to the FBI and special counsel's office and conspiracy against the United States. Голос Америки

Killers of Honduran Activist Get Up to 50-year Sentences(2)

Honduran court sentences seven people convicted of participating in the 2016 murder of indigenous and environmental rights activist Berta Caceres...Голос Америки

Turkish Riot Police Break Up Women’s Protest(2)

Thousands march in Istanbul against what they say are the light sentences handed out to men who kill their wives or girlfriends...Голос Америки

Saudi Court Convicts 38 People on Terrorism-Related Charges (2)

...television, which reported on the verdict, did not provide the nationalities or names of those convicted, or details about what sentences were issued...Голос Америки

Russia Sentences Six Crimean Tatars For Links to Banned Group(2)

All six had denied the charges, and rights groups denounced their case as politically motivated against Crimean Tatars Голос Америки

Catalan Separatists Demonstrate on Election Eve(2)

Demonstrations aim to force Spaniards to reflect on prison sentences given to nine separatist leaders who spearheaded a failed independence bid in 2017, organizers say...Голос Америки

International Criminal Court Sentences Ntaganda to 30 Years(2)

ICC judges found former Congolese rebel leader Bosco Ntaganda guilty of 18 counts in July, including murder, rape, sexual slavery and enlisting child soldiers Голос Америки

China Sentences 9 to Jail for Smuggling Fentanyl to US(2)

Chinese and US law enforcement worked together to break up the smuggling ring Голос Америки

Clashes Erupt in Barcelona as Catalan Separatists Protest Sentences for Leaders(2)

This was the second day of protests after the Supreme Court sentenced nine separatist leaders to nine to 13 years in jail...Голос Америки

Protests Erupt After Spain Sentences Catalan Separatists Leaders(2)

Catalan separatist leaders sentenced up to 9 and 13 years in prison...Голос Америки

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