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Biden Faces Critical Test in South Carolina as Sanders Continues to Surge

Former vice president has picked up the crucial endorsement of South Carolina Congressman James Clyburn Голос Америки

Deep Divide Between Progressives, Moderates in Democratic Primary

U.S. Democratic Party finds itself at a crossroads at a critical time in the 2020 election cycle. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, a self-described democratic socialist, is the clear front-runner for the party nomination despite warnings from moderate Democrats that Sanders...Голос Америки

Deep Divide Between Progressives, Moderates Colors Democratic Race

Bernie Sanders surges as moderates split votes...Голос Америки

Israeli Foreign Minister Slams Sanders 'Horrifying Comment'

At a contentious Democratic debate on Tuesday night, Sanders labeled Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a 'reactionary racist' and said he'd consider reversing President Donald Trump's move of the...Голос Америки

Democratic Presidential Candidates Say Front-Runner Sanders Can't Beat Trump

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders was the target of his rivals for the Democratic presidential nomination in the latest televised debate held Tuesday in Charleston...Голос Америки

Democratic Presidential Candidates Say Front-Runner Sanders Can't Beat Trump

Self-declared democratic socialist says surveys show him beating the president Голос Америки

Democrats Unload on Bernie Sanders in Likely Debate Preview

Rivals of the Vermont senator in the presidential nomination contest are aiming to knock him off his front-runner perch in a debate before a critical South Carolina primary that could dramatically reshape the race Голос Америки

Sanders Easily Wins Nevada's Democratic Presidential Nominating Caucuses

Some opponents doubt the democratic socialist's chances against Trump, but Sanders has won the popular vote in all three early party nominating contests...Голос Америки

Sanders Scores Decisive Win in Nevada Caucus

Bernie Sanders has decisively won the Nevada Democratic caucuses, solidifying his lead for his party's presidential nomination.Голос Америки

From Fringe Candidate to Front-Runner: Sanders Wins Nevada With Diverse Backers

Hispanics in particular - who account for nearly one-third of Nevada's population - loomed large in his victory as he claimed support from more than half of the Latinos attending Saturday's caucuses Голос Америки

WSJ: Россию заподозрили в помощи сопернику Трампа

WSJ: Россию заподозрили в помощи сопернику Трампа

Американские чиновники сообщили сенатору Берни Сандерсу (Bernie Sanders), что Россия пытается помочь ему в его предвыборной кампании в стремлении вмеш... Геополитика - новости и аналитика о глобальной политике в России

Sanders Wins: Key Nevada Caucuses Takeaways

Sen. Bernie Sanders' convincing victory in the Nevada caucuses has made him the undisputed front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination...Голос Америки

Sanders Condemns Any Russian Influence in Election

Washington Post says US officials told Vermont senator that Russia was trying to help his campaign Голос Америки

Bloomberg Roughed Up in First Democratic Debate

Bernie Sanders surging as moderates battle...Голос Америки

Democrats Set for Debate as Race For President Moves to Nevada

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg joins hopefuls Biden, Sanders, Buttigieg, Klobuchar and Warren for first time on stage Wednesday...Голос Америки

Sanders' Campaign to Request Iowa Recount

Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign plans to ask for a partial recount of the Iowa caucus results after the state Democratic Party releases...Голос Америки

One Thing Unites Establishment Democrats: Fear of Sanders

Critics of the Vermont senator, who has long identified as a democratic socialist, are further than they've ever been from unifying behind a moderate alternative Голос Америки

Early US Democratic Presidential Caucus Voting Starts in Nevada

Bernie Sanders could win again, pre-election polls show...Голос Америки

Sanders, Buttigieg Lead Muddled Democratic Race

Major tests loom in Nevada, South Carolina and on Super Tuesday Голос Америки

Muddled Democratic Presidential Race Heads to Nevada, South Carolina

Sanders and Buttigieg lead pack after two contests Голос Америки

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