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Thousands Fleeing Escalating Violence in Africa's Sahel Region

More than 700,000 people within the Sahel have fled attacks by militants and armed groups in the last 12 months, the UN refugee agency reports...Голос Америки

Europe Mulls Forceful Presence in Conflict-torn Sahel

A March summit between EU and Sahel leaders may open a new page to European involvement...Голос Америки

US Military Downgrades Efforts Against Extremists in Sahel

It has switched from trying to degrade Islamic extremist groups in West Africa's sprawling Sahel region to merely trying to contain them as their deadly threat increases...Голос Америки

Hunger in Central Sahel Rising at Alarming Rate as Conflict Intensifies

An estimated 3.3 million people do not have enough to eat and are in desperate and immediate need of food aid Голос Америки

As US Eyes Drawdown, Violence Rattles Sahel Region(2)

As African region battles extremism, trafficking and ethnic violence, countries ask for help from the US and European allies Голос Америки

France Urges US to Stay in Fight Against Islamists in Africa's Sahel(2)

...appeal as Defense Minister Florence Parly was due to meet U.S. counterparts on Monday to discuss the crisis in the Sahel, a band of scrubland south of the Sahara...Голос Америки

EU Mulls Reviving Migrant, Arms Embargo Operation Targeting Libya (2)

European foreign ministers also discuss Sahel violence in Brussels...Голос Америки

France, UK say They Look Beyond Brexit in Mali Cooperation(2)

Backed by 100 British personnel, France has a 4,500-strong Sahel force supporting national armies struggling with a seven-year-old jihadist revolt...Голос Америки

G5 Sahel Leaders Pay Tribute to 71 Soldiers Slain in Niger(2)

Soldiers were killed last week in jihadist attack; leaders call for closer cooperation and international support in the battle against the Islamist threat Голос Америки

France Mourns Soldiers Killed in Mali(2)

Paris is determined to pursue Sahel operations, as are questions raised about its limits...Голос Америки

UN Warns of Mounting Humanitarian Crisis in Africa's Sahel(2)

UN says a humanitarian crisis is growing in West Africa's arid Sahel region where insecurity linked to growing extremist attacks has forced more than 860,000 people in Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger...Голос Америки

Sahel Crisis Escalates as World Looks Away(2)

Conflict and hunger are leading to sharp levels of displacement in Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger as people flee their homes in search of safety and something to eat Голос Америки

US Adds Mali Jihadist to Global Terrorist List (2)

...blamed for the deaths of more than 500 civilians and the kidnapping of dozens of others in attacks in the Sahel region...Голос Америки

US Helps Senegal Defend Against Sahel Extremists(2)

Terrorist activity expands across Sahel, threat of extremism has grown in the country - so much so that United States government is ramping up efforts...Голос Америки

16 Killed in Burkina Faso in Suspected Jihadist Attack(2)

The incident highlights the increased presence of Sahel-based Islamists in the area, local and security sources said...Голос Америки

Global Fund Gives Kids in Crisis-Plagued Sahel Chance at Education(2)

Nonprofit 'Education Cannot Wait' is investing $6 million in Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger to support schooling for 187,000 children Голос Америки

Уязвимые в Сахеле: почему "Группа пяти" не может противостоять боевикам

Уязвимые в Сахеле: почему "Группа пяти" не может противостоять боевикам

Первин Мамед-заде - о том, как складывается ситуация в G5 Sahel ТАСС - Новости в России и мире

Нападение на штаб-квартиру G5 Sahel в Мали(2)

Нападение на штаб-квартиру G5 Sahel в Мали...no title

Ряд африканских стран попросили у Евросоюза 50 миллионов евро

по созданию сил для противостояния исламистским военизированным группировкам, передает агентство Рейтер со ссылкой на военачальника Мали. Ранее страны группы G5 Sahel Чад, Нигер, Буркина-Фасо, Мали и Мавритания предложили создать региональную целевую группу, направленную на борьбу с трансграничными угрозами. Тем не...Новости Армении - Новости Армении Сегодня

Президент Мали срочно возвращается в Бамако из Чада(2)

Президент Мали Ибрагим Бубакар Кейта находился в столице Чада, где проходит саммит G5 Sahel. В ближайшие часы он вернется в Бамако.Главные новости дня - Газета.Ru

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