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Airbus 'Deeply Regrets' US Decision to Raise Tariffs on EU Aircraft

The US Trade Representative's Office said Friday tariffs on aircraft imported from the European Union would rise from 10% to 15%...Голос Америки

OSCE MG urges Azerbaijan and Armenia to remove all remaining obstacles to expanding OSCE CiO Personal Representative's mission

...sign the joint document. Nevertheless, during the meeting in St. Petersburg, the provision about expansion of the OSCE CiO Personal Representative's office was reaffirmed, however, the provision about investigative mechanisms was not made a point of. Unlike the Vienna meeting,...Arminfo: Главная

OSCE CiO has asked Andrzej Kasprzyk to prepare a concept for expansion of CiO Personal Representative's Office (2)

" The ambassador stressed that the expansion will not change his existing mandate, but will increase the number of field assistants. Arminfo: Главная

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