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Armenia: Church ceremonies will be held without believers

Armenia: Church ceremonies will be held without believers

The Armenian Apostolic Church has decided to hold religious ceremonies without the presence of believers.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

South Korea Sect Says It's Unlucky;

5,000 cases of coronavirus in South Korea; more than half of those infections have been linked to a single fringe religious group...Голос Америки

Barr, DeVos, Sekulow Speak at Religious Broadcasters Forum(2)

...afternoon presentation is part of a forum that will explore how the First Amendment should handle 'divergent, and sometimes clashing, religious faiths,' according to the convention schedule...Голос Америки

Students Wary of University Honor Code Updates(2)

Religious Brigham Young campuses try to be more inclusive Голос Америки

Iran Announces 3 New Cases of Coronavirus After 2 Deaths(2)

All schools and universities, including religious Shiite seminaries, were shut down in the holy city of Qom, according to the official IRNA news agency...Голос Америки

Uighurs Concerned China is Luring Turkey into Silence on Xinjiang(2)

Uighurs and Turks share a common linguistic, cultural and religious heritage with Turkey.Голос Америки

Disgraced Religious Order Tried to Get Abuse Victim to Lie(2)

...suspects are scheduled to be tried next month in Italy in the latest case against the disgraced Legion of Christ religious order...Голос Америки

Projection: Swiss Back New Law against Homophobia(2)

The new law will widen existing legislation against discrimination or incitement to hatred on ethnic or religious grounds to include sexual orientation...Голос Америки

Study: Indonesians Embrace FGM as Religious, Traditional Practice  (2)

The results suggested a mother who was circumcised will most likely circumcise her daughter Голос Америки

Russia Blacklists More Than 200 Jehovah’s Witnesses(2)

Adding members of the banned religious group to a register of extremists and terrorists cuts them off from Russia's financial system...Голос Америки

Trump Promotes 'Religious Freedom' Initiative Amid Criticisms Over Travel Ban(2)

Trump uses National Prayer Breakfast speech to vent about Romney and Pelosi Голос Америки

Court Case of 47 Nigerian Men Charged Under Homosexuality Law Delayed Again(2)

Homosexuality is outlawed in many socially conservative African societies where some religious groups brand it a corrupting Western import...Голос Америки

Iraq Protests: A View From 4 Diverse Cities (2)

Iraqi activists transcend geographic, ethnic and religious differences in their support of anti-establishment demonstrations...Голос Америки

Abu Dhabi Marks Interfaith Effort a Year after Pope's Visit(2)

The United Arab Emirates has worked to promote itself over the past year as a beacon of religious tolerance, despite it's hard limits on political speech...Голос Америки

Afghan Immigrants Find a Home in Las Vegas(2)

...famously summed up in the saying, "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas." But some Afghan immigrants who lead quiet religious lives have a different view of this gambling mecca. VOA’s Samir Rassoly visited a few local Afghan businesses and...Голос Америки

Nearly 450 Wounded in 2 Days of Clashes in Lebanon's Capital(2)

Unprecedented protests have rocked the country since Oct. 17, with citizens from all religious backgrounds demanding the ouster of the ruling political class...Голос Америки

Trump Reinforces Right to Pray in Public Schools(4)

Administration also proposes changes to make it easier for religious groups to access federal funds...Голос Америки

Trump Administration Offers New Guidance for Prayer in Public Schools (2)

US president has made religious freedom a signature issue in his domestic and foreign policy...Голос Америки

Iraqis Want De-escalation and Dialogue, Chaldean Archbishop Says(2)

Iraqis are fearful about the continued use of their territory as a battleground, says the religious leader in Kirkuk...Голос Америки

Serbian President Cancels Visit to Montenegro Amid Religious Dispute (2)

Last month, Montenegro's parliament passed a law under which religious communities must prove property ownership from before 1918, the year when predominantly Orthodox Christian Montenegro joined the Kingdom of Serbs...Голос Америки

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