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Heads of power structures expressed their opinion on the death of Georgy Kutoyan

...the shot cartridges and laid them on a table opposite the sofa. On January 16, 2020, Kutoyan, having warned his relatives in advance that he wanted to relax for a couple of days in his apartment on Paruyra Sevak Street,...Arminfo: Главная

Heavy Snow Hampers Search for Missing S. Korean, Nepal Trekkers

Relatives of the missing Koreans have arrived in Kathmandu alongside several officials sent by Seoul to help with the emergency rescue efforts Голос Америки

Current and third Presidents of Armenia, as well as a number of other statesmen expressed condolences on death of Former NSS Director

I express my condolences to his family, relatives and friends in connection with his untimely death.Arminfo: Главная

Vice-Speaker: The news of the death of former NSS Director Gevorg Kutoyan was shocking

...reporters on January 17, Simonyan admitted that he was shocked by the news of Kutoyan's death. Expressing condolences to the relatives and friends of the deceased, the Vice-Speaker voiced confidence that the details of the tragedy will be known in...Arminfo: Главная

Iranian Americans Hit the Streets to Show Support for Protests at Home

America refuses to get involved or even have an opinion about what's happening, because they visit Iran and still have relatives there...Голос Америки

Fears Mount Over Fate of 15 Britons and Americans Detained in Iran

Plight of Westerners in Iranian prisons remains unknown; relatives say their loved ones fear longer prison time...Голос Америки

Armenian President expresses condolences over air crash near Almaty, resulting in casualties

As the press service of the President of Armenia informs, Armen Sarkissian asked to convey condolences and support to the relatives of the victims and wished speedy recovery to the victims. This morning, the Fokker-100 Bek Air airline, with 98...Arminfo: Главная

Trump Campaign Urges Supporters to Debate With Relatives During Holidays

Similar resources also are being offered to Democrats and liberals Голос Америки

Iran Restricts Internet Access Ahead of Possible Protests

Restriction comes as social media posts and some relatives of people killed in unrest in Nov. over gasoline price hikes have called for renewed protests and commemoration ceremonies for...Голос Америки

Cambodia's Working Moms Turn to Baby Formula

Experts worried by decline in breastfeeding as women give older female relatives infants, formula, bottles and caregiving responsibility, then head off to factory jobs...Голос Америки

Volunteers Battle Health Crisis of Asylum Seekers in Mexico

...administration policy that returns them across the border to wait out a decision, rather than allowing them to stay with relatives or sponsors in the United States...Голос Америки

Victor Soghomonyan on the condition of Robert Kocharian: I'm not sure there was a second operation, but it's possible

...actions of the current authorities, I don't have the opportunity to quickly receive information, it arrives late from lawyers and relatives," Soghomonyan summed up.Arminfo: Главная

India Rape-Murder Victim's Relatives to Get Guns and Guards

The special provisions for the 23-year-old's brother and sister came as public anger grows about perceived police inaction in preventing and pursuing sexual assault cases across the country Голос Америки

Relatives and friends of deceased soldier hold a protest near Parliament

ArmInfo. Relatives and friends of the deceased soldier, Arthur Ajamyan, hold a protest near Parliament. Their main requirement is an honest and...Arminfo: Главная

In NKR one soldier died and the second was injured under unclear circumstances

NKR Army of Defense expresses condolences to the relatives and friends of the deceased soldier.Arminfo: Главная

Western-Based Persian Media Rebuke Iran for Harassing Journalists Covering Protests(2)

Tehran's harassment of overseas-based Persian journalists and their relatives in Iran, as reported by rights group RSF, draws criticism from BBC, VOA and other networks...Голос Америки

Denmark Repatriates 11-Month-Old Boy Reportedly Orphaned in Syria(2)

21 from Irbil in northern Iraq after a nearly nine-month effort by relatives and the Danish government...Голос Америки

Afghan Authorities Urged to Release Human Rights Investigators(2)

Relatives say the activists went missing last week after they exposed a pedophile ring in the Afghan province of Logar Голос Америки

The Armenian Embassy clarified the incident in Dubna, as a result of  which one Armenian citizen was killed and the second was injured(2)

...with life, and his cousin suffered moderate injuries. According to preliminary data, law enforcement authorities arrested the suspect, but the relatives of the injured party have concerns that he might be released, as he was also previously listed in the...Arminfo: Главная

Nicaragua Files Weapons Charges Against Opposition Activists(2)

...including 13 social leaders who were arrested as they tried to deliver water to hunger strikers protesting the incarceration of relatives they say are political prisoners, charged Monday with allegedly transporting weapons...Голос Америки

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