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Albanian President Calls on People to Topple Government

The call comes as the Balkan nation of nearly 3 million has been enacting reforms in hopes of getting a green light to launch membership talks with the European Union in hopes of joining the...Голос Америки

Somalia Eligible for Debt Relief

Country will have to commit to economic and financial reforms as well as poverty reduction...Голос Америки

Among Saudis, Mixed Feelings About Rapid Changes Engulfing Their Kingdom

Many welcome the new freedoms; some complain they are coming too fast but all seem to agree that the reforms benefit mainly women...Голос Америки

UK welcomes Armenia's commitment to "wide-ranging reforms"

UK welcomes Armenia

"In particular, we acknowledge Armenia's conduct of elections in December 2018," the UK said at the 35th Session of UPR. Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

France's Government Introduces Pension Bill Amid New Protests

Thousands take to streets to protest reforms, even as analysts say movement is losing steam...Голос Америки

France Unveils Pension Reforms, Setting Up Part 2 in Battle With Unions

Is Macron's government on its way to winning a major standoff with the unions? Голос Америки

Russian Lawmakers Give Rapid First Approval to Putin Reforms

Putin's announcement of the reforms during his state-of-the-nation address on January 15 was quickly followed by the resignation of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev's government and...Голос Америки

Deputy Prosecutor General and Head of EU Delegation in Armenia discussed judicial reforms

Andrea Victorin, in turn, praised the steps taken to implement reforms in the judicial system of Armenia.Arminfo: Главная

Lilit Makunts: The key to all necessary reforms, including on issue of "Super Prime Minister System" of government, is political will

Step" faction, said this in an interview with ArmInfo correspondent, answering the question of whether the profile commission on constitutional reforms will discuss the issue of a of "Super Prime Minister System" of government. "Our struggle, with unacceptable manifestations of...Arminfo: Главная

Gevorg Petrosyan will represent Prosperous Armenia faction in the specialized committee on constitutional reforms

ArmInfo. The Prosperous Armenia faction will be represented in the specialized committee on constitutional reforms by a deputy, candidate of legal sciences Gevorg Petrosyan. The secretary of the Prosperous Armenia faction Arman Abovyan stated this...Arminfo: Главная

Head of EU Delegation to Armenia: I am impressed by legal reforms

ArmInfo. Head of EU Delegation to Armenia, Ambassador Andrea Viktorin stated that she was impressed by the reforms that are being carried out in the legal sector in Armenia. She stated this on January 17 in an interview...Arminfo: Главная

Key to Russia's Political Shakeup?

Constitutional reforms and a new prime minister pave the way...Голос Америки

Minister: The process of accepting candidates' applications for joining the commission on constitutional reforms has begun

Badasyan said earlier that in February 2020 a professional group will be formed to deal with issues designing constitutional reforms. Arminfo: Главная

French Back in Streets as Pension Strikes Show No Sign of Ending

Unions and government deadlocked over pension reforms as record-breaking strike continues...Голос Америки

Chinese Investment in Cambodia Comes at a Political Price

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen and his government have welcomed this assistance, saying it comes without 'strings attached' compared to western nations that link aid to democratic reforms. Голос Америки

Swedish Parliamentarian Visits Opposition Leader in Cambodia

The Cambodian government will have to enact substantial political reforms if it wants to retain a preferential trade agreement with the European Union, a Swedish lawmaker warned...Голос Америки

Stacey Abrams Book on Voting Rights to be Published in June

Democratic party rising star's book calls for reforms that make it easier for people to vote...Голос Америки

Return of Street Protests Pose Little Threat to Thai Government for Now (2)

Analysts expect the crowds calling for democratic reforms to stay modest, so long as the government tempers its crackdown on critics and keeps the economy afloat...Голос Америки

Unusual Alliance Seeks Reforms in Foreign Intelligence Surveillance  (2)

Angry at what they describe as the FBI's abuse of its authority to monitor former Trump campaign aide Carter Page during the campaign, Republicans are clamoring the loudest for reform Голос Америки

Council of Europe in the Republic of Armenia: We support the Armenian  authorities in adopting a new criminal code and conducting judicial  reforms(2)

ArmInfo. "We support the Armenian authorities in adopting a new criminal code and carrying out reforms of the judicial code of the Republic of Armenia," Natalia Vutova, representative of the Council of Europe in Armenia, said...Arminfo: Главная

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