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EU High Rep, Mnatsakanyan discuss Armenia's commitment to reform

EU High Rep, Mnatsakanyan discuss Armenia

The High Representative welcomed Armenia’s commitment to reform and to the implementation of the EU-Armenia deal.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

В Минске столкнулись три автомобиля

Белоруссии произошло столкновение трех автомобилей. Об этом 24 февраля со ссылкой на информацию предоставленную в управлении ГАИ ГУВД Мингорисполкома сообщает REFORM.by. Дорожно-транспортное происшествие произошло около 8:00. Во время пересечения автомобилем Volkswagen перекрестка улиц...Новости - главные новости России, СНГ и мира - лента новостей ИА REGNUM

French Pension Reform to be Debated in Parliament

Changing and streamlining the retirement system is a priority for the president and has been met with bitterness in recent months from unions, triggering France's longest transport strike in decades Голос Америки

Производство сыров в Белоруссии в 2019 году выросло на 19,3%

и составило 242,4 тыс. тонн. Статистические данные Белстата представлены без учета плавленого сыра, пишет The DairyNews со ссылкой на информацию reform.by. Вместе с тем произошло сокращение производства других видов молочной продукции. Например, на 17,4% уменьшилось производство сгущенных молока и сливок...Dairy News: новости молочного рынка каждый день

French Unions Vow to Continue Protests Against Pension Reform

But protest movement appears to be losing steam after government unveiled draft legislation late last week Голос Америки

Putin Names New Cabinet as Key Members of Russian Government Stay

The Cabinet shake-up comes as Putin has launched a sweeping constitutional reform that is widely seen as an attempt to secure his grip on power well after his current term ends in...Голос Америки

Kim Kardashian West wants U.S. justice reform in new documentary

Kim Kardashian West wants U.S. justice reform in new documentary

The documentary, which was produced in partnership with Oxygen, will show Kardashian advocating for prison reform. Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

US-China Trade Deal Draws Praise, But Leaves Considerable Unfinished Business

Agreement gives the US some assurances that China will reform some of its practices related to the treatment of intellectual property, open its markets to US financial services firms, and...Голос Америки

HRW: Armenia probes into past violence remained limited in 2019

HRW: Armenia probes into past violence remained limited in 2019

The Armenian government has embarked on an ambitious reform agenda, including tackling corruption, HRW said.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Managed Uzbek Election Exposes Mix of Reform and Inertia

Candidates acknowledged need for more reform but took care not to contradict the president...Голос Америки

Thousands March in Paris to Protest Pension Reform Plan(2)

In an unusual gesture, unions organizing the march asked yellow vest protesters to join them Голос Америки

Italy Education Minister Resigns Over Lack of Funds(2)

Resignation is blow to embattled government, whose ruling parties are at odds on issues ranging from eurozone reform to migrant rights...Голос Америки

Unmerry Christmas as French Transport Strike Enters Fourth Week(2)

Many scrambled at the last minute to make alternative arrangements as the protest against pension reform saw thousands of trains cancelled or delayed and taxis, ride-sharing services and car rental agencies unable to make up the...Голос Америки

West African Nations Rename Common Currency, Sever its Links to France(2)

French Prersident Macron hailed it as a 'historic reform', adding: 'The Eco will see the light of day in 2020'...Голос Америки

House Asks for Documents in Epstein Probe From DOJ(2)

The House Committee on Oversight and Reform sent a letter to US Attorney General William Barr, asking for all emails about the plea deal and how victims...Голос Америки

Hard Currency Elusive in Havana as Monetary Reform Looms(2)

Analysts say shortages are likely due to a deteriorating economic situation and increased demand as the government steps up moves to end Cuba's labyrinthine dual currency system Голос Америки

French Government, Unions Launch Talks on Pension Reform Bill(2)

Proposal to simplify country's pension system has sparked transportation strikes and street protests Голос Америки

French Strikers Angry About Pension Reform Cut Power to Homes, Companies (2)

The power cuts added to a sense of chaos in the second week of nationwide strikes that have crippled transport, shut schools and brought more than half a million people onto the street against President Emmanuel Macron's reform Голос Америки

Poland Could Exit EU Over Judicial Reform Clash, Says Top Polish Court (2)

Reform plans could contravene European law and exacerbate existing tensions between Brussels and Poland's ruling Law and Justice party Голос Америки

Mexico Disputes Language in US Bill on Ratifying Trade Pact (2)

Mexican negotiator says bill adds designation of US labor attaches in Mexico tasked with monitoring implementation of labor reform in Mexico, which wasn't part of agreement signed December 10...Голос Америки

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