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Black Mayor of Racially Diverse Iowa City Backs Buttigieg

Quentin Hart told The Associated Press he was supporting Buttigieg in part for what he called the Democrat's effort to address racial economic disparity in South Bend Голос Америки

Glendale councilman booted from HOA event "because he's Armenian"

Glendale councilman booted from HOA event "because he

A Glendale city councilman has accused some members of a local homeowner's association of racially motivated behavior.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Reports of Racism by Indonesian Police Spark Riots in West Papua(2)

...is investigating incidents that led to widespread violence in the territory of West Papua. Days of unrest and protests followed racially charged incidents in two cities involving alleged abuse of Papuan students. Nova Poerwadi narrates the story by Yuni Salim.Голос Америки

Is Trump's Racially Charged Rhetoric Part of His 2020 Election Strategy?(2)

Critics say the president is deliberately fueling tensions to dominate media coverage and play to his base Голос Америки

Democratic Presidential Hopefuls Prepare for 2nd Debate(2)

...performance than in first debate, where he faltered as California Senator Harris challenged him regarding forced busing of schoolchildren to racially desegregate public schools...Голос Америки

Oscar-winning "In the Heat of the Night" may get TV treatment

Oscar-winning "In the Heat of the Night" may get TV treatment

The film followed a white man and a black man working together to solve a murder investigation in a racially hostile Southern town.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

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