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Trump Presents Election-Year Budget Based on Lofty Growth Assumptions

The budget makes cuts to social programs, environmental protections and foreign assistance, to fund higher defense spending and extend tax cuts for wealthy individuals and companies, according to officials...Голос Америки

Bill Gates' $100 million commitment to help fight coronavirus

Bill Gates

Another $20 million will help enhance protections for at-risk populations in Africa and South Asia.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Trump's Rollback of US Water Protections Nears Completion(2)

...launched by President Donald Trump when he took office, sharply scale back the government's interpretation of which waterways qualify for protection against pollution and development under the half-century-old Clean Water Act...Голос Америки

Positive Technologies вошла в число участников программы для разработчиков средств защиты Microsoft Active Protections(2)

Теперь пользователи системы анализа сетевого трафика PT NAD будут защищены от эксплуатации выявляемых уязвимостей нулевого дня в продуктах Microsoft. SecurityLab.ru

Positive Technologies вошла в число участников программы Microsoft Active Protections(2)

Благодаря партнерству между Microsoft и Positive Technologies пользователи системы PT Network Attack Discovery будут защищены от атак с использованием вновь выявляемых уязвимостей в продуктах Microsoft на самых ранних этапах Боевой народ

Uber, Postmates Sue to Challenge California Labor Law (2)

Law seeks to give wage, benefit protections to people who work as independent contractors...Голос Америки

US House Speaker Denies Hating Trump, Declares 'Don't Mess With Me'(2)

...president on policy, calling him a 'coward' on failing to take steps against gun violence, 'cruel' for seeking to remove protections for 'Dreamers' immigrants and 'in denial' about climate change...Голос Америки

Harvard Grad Students Strike Over Pay, Health, Protections(2)

Harvard University's graduate students are going on strike after failing to reach a labor contract with the school's administration Голос Америки

Protections for 660,000 Immigrants on Line at US Supreme Court(2)

Justices hearing arguments Tuesday on Trump administration's bid to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program Голос Америки

China: Efforts 'Accelerated' on US Trade Deal(2)

...was announced on Friday by US President Donald Trump and included promises to increase purchases of US farm products and protections for intellectual property - but lacked specific details...Голос Америки

US Supreme Court Ruling Erodes Protections for Asylum Seekers, UN Says (2)

The UNHCR says any person fleeing violence or persecution must be able to access full and effective asylum procedures and international protection Голос Америки

Trump EPA Throws Out Obama-Era Clean Water Protections (2)

The administration calls the 2015 rules confusing and an example of federal overreach; environmentalists plan to challenge EPA in court Голос Америки

Uber Vows to Keep Fighting Sweeping California Labor Bill(2)

California lawmakers confronting the changing definition of work have approved sweeping legislation designed to give many contract workers new pay and benefit protections, Голос Америки

Wildlife Advocates Score Big Win as African Giraffes Earn Protected Status(2)

...growth and ecological change threaten the very existence of the African giraffe. Now, the world’s tallest land animal has legal protections against those who buy and sell its body parts...Голос Америки

US Government Issues Final Utah Monument Plan(2)

...management plan for lands in and around a Utah national monument that President Donald Trump downsized is light on new protections for the cliffs, canyons, waterfalls and arches found there...Голос Америки

Trump Administration Weakens US Wildlife Protections; States, Conservationists to Sue(2)

The 1970s-era act is credited with bringing back from the brink of extinction species such as bald eagles, gray whales and grizzly bears, but the law has long been a source of frustration for drilling and mining companies Голос Америки

Firefox предупредит о взломе пароля(6)

Firefox предупредит о взломе пароля

В Firefox 70 Mozilla добавит новый тип уведомлений, призванный предупреждать пользователей браузера в случае, если их логины и пароли были слиты в базы взломанных данных. Новости Технологий, Фабрика идей, Открытия и достижения науки, Полезные советы- ТЕХНО bigmir)net

Регулирование: В США обяжут компании уведомлять об утечке ПД в рамках 30 дней

Под катом - наш краткий обзор этого законопроекта с учетом общей ситуации вокруг ввода GDPR. Лучшие публикации за сутки / Хабрахабр

Основатель Telegram объяснил удаление мессенджера из App Store

...inappropriate content was made available to our users and both apps were taken off the App Store. Once we have protections in place we expect the apps to be back on the App Store.— Pavel Durov (@durov) 1 февраля 2018...Информационное агентство Banki.ru

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