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The police made a report on the vk.com user for saving memes with swastika in Karelia

The police made a report on the vk.com user for saving memes with swastika in Karelia

(a linguist, a historian, sometimes a culture expert) that would resolve questions about the presence or absence of signs of propaganda or justification of a prohibited ideology in the publication, as well as signs of a negative attitude towards this...Журнал 7х7


American Gut (Bathroom Wall 12" ‘2018) 14. DYKTANDO - R2n2n2r (A Line Drawn By Chalk Hypnosis 12" ‘2019) 15. Black Propaganda - Begging for Acceptance (V/A Música sin Gobierno ‘2020) 16. Dim Deck - Blood (Inexistencia V.A by Acero ‘2019)...КУРС - радио Соловьиного края

Ментальное изнасилование.

Ментальное изнасилование.

крайне правых взглядов, совмещая их с сатанинской идеологией. Kramer является основателем и владельцем двух независимых музыкальных лейблов - Satanic Skinhead Propaganda и Audial Decimation Records. Кроме того, он занимается оформлением обложек дисков и буклетов, а также принимает участие в записях...АдыгеяНатПресс

RA Prime Minister about the incident in metro: Nothing threatens safety of this young girl

ArmInfo. "I consider this to be the biggest propaganda of" Yes, "since the safety of this young woman is not in danger," RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan wrote on...Arminfo: Главная

China-Sponsored Exhibit About Tibet Is Shuttered in New York(2)

Local Tibetans said the exhibit was Chinese government propaganda that misrepresented the situation in Tibet...Голос Америки

US Imposes New Rules on State-Owned Chinese Media Over Propaganda Concerns(2)

Five major Chinese state-run media entities with US operations will be required to register their employees and US properties with the State Department Голос Америки

Report: White Supremacist Propaganda in US Doubled in 2019(2)

The Anti-Defamation League says it recorded 2,713 cases of white supremacist material in 2019, the highest it has ever seen Голос Америки

Armenia will raise issue of anti-Armenian propaganda of Azerbaijan  before European broadcasters(2)

ArmInfo.Armenia will raise the issue of anti-Armenian propaganda of Azerbaijan before European broadcasters. According to Tigran Hakobyan, head of the National Commission on Television and Radio of Armenia...Arminfo: Главная

Anti-Government Protests Erupt After Iran's Admission It Shot Down Plane(2)

The government had previously insisted that allegations of a missile strike were Western propaganda. Голос Америки

Information campaign on preservation, use and promotion of historical  and cultural monuments held in Armenia(2)

ArmInfo.Information campaign on conservation, use and propaganda held in Armenia monuments of history and culture. The event was attended by the Minister of Education, Science, Culture and...Arminfo: Главная

Analysts: Al-Shabab's Attack on US and Kenyan Forces Aimed at Scoring Propaganda Points(2)

Authorities say 3 US personnel were killed on the Kenyan military base Голос Америки

Vsevolod Jurgenson: кired Sputniku umber(6)

...siin elavad teiste rahvuste esindajad on motlemisvoimelised ja olukorda selgelt hindavad isiksused, kelle puhul pole motet karta, et nad vaenulikku propagandat labi ei hammustaks. Nii pole ka Sputniku lugudel, mis sisaldavad tendentslikku teavet voi otsest laimu, mingit perspektiivi lojaalseid kodanikke...Русская община Эстонии

LGBT activist was nominated for the state youth award in Petrozavodsk. He received lots of threats on the prize day(2)

LGBT activist was nominated for the state youth award in Petrozavodsk. He received lots of threats on the prize day

...media projects of the Equality Dignity Pride initiative group. Alex held single pickets against the adoption of the law on "propaganda of non-traditional relations among minors" and participated in the organization of the Barents-pride. The U award is a traditional...Журнал 7х7

Europol Goes After IS Propaganda Online(2)

Europe is taking on propaganda videos and social media accounts that glorify terrorism and extremism in an effort to limit the space for extremist groups...Голос Америки

How Turkey’s Erdogan Portrayed Syria Offensive as a Pan-Islam Struggle (2)

Some observers say government's religious messaging is mixture of ideology and political propaganda aimed at promoting president's ambition to be seen as leader and protector of the Muslim world...Голос Америки

Vsevolod Jürgenson: Vaktsineerimine päästab elusid(2)

...haiguste eest ja toovad näiteid, kus vaktsineeritu on haigestunud. Jah, selles on 1% tõde, ent 99% ohtu kõigile, kes sellise propaganda ohvriks langevad.Ükski vaktsiin ei anna 100% garantiid. Enamik neist annavad immuunsuse 90–99% patsientidest. Doos leetrite vaktsiini muudab immuunseks 93%...Русская община Эстонии


Black Propaganda - Mordejai vanunu '2019 12. Imperial Black Unit - Revolt At Maidan '2019 32. Anna Funk Damage - Eating Time...КУРС - радио Соловьиного края

Питер Померанцев: "Facebook придуман как огромное реалити-шоу"(2)

Питер Померанцев: "Facebook придуман как огромное реалити-шоу"

Новая книга старшего научного сотрудникаИнститута глобальных отношений Лондонской школы экономики Питера Померанцева "Это НЕ пропаганда. Радио Свобода

Time Out? China’s NBA Row Suddenly Cools(2)

After the Shanghai exhibition game Thursday night, China's censors and propaganda machine avoided further inflaming the issue...Голос Америки

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