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Prosecutor General's Office: Letter from Nairi Hunanyan to Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan was sent to NSS

ArmInfo.Life-long prisoner, head of the terrorist attack in the Armenian parliament in 1999 Nairi Hunanyan's letter to the Prime Minister Nikol, was...Arminfo: Главная

Dead Cells Prisoner's Edition - новая коллекционка с фигуркой Заключенного

Dead Cells Prisoner

выпустила сегодня платное дополнение The Bad Seed для своего платформера Dead Cells. Вдобавок она анонсировала коллекционное издание игры под названием Prisoner's Edition, которое...Gamer-Info.com - новинки игр, games, игровые новости, рейтинг игр ruScore

Algeria Frees Prominent War Veteran

Bouregaa's arrest provoked outrage in Algeria, notably from supporters of the 'Hirak' protest movement, who branded him a 'prisoner of conscience' and demanded his release...Голос Америки

Released by Separatists, RFE/RL Journalists Describe Imprisonment in Eastern Ukraine

Stanislav Aseyev and Oleh Halazyuk were among the civilians released by Russia-backed separatists in a prisoner swap on December 29, 2019.Голос Америки

Freed Taliban Prisoner Believes SEAL Teams Attempted Rescues(2)

An Australian teacher held captive with an American colleague by the Taliban for more than three years believes US troops tried and failed six times to free them Голос Америки

Ready for Prisoner Swaps, Iran Says US Holding 20 Iranians(2)

A prisoner exchange over the weekend saw Iran free a Chinese-American scholar from Princeton who had been held for three years on...Голос Америки

US Stance on Iran’s Prisoner Swap Offers Turns Positive After Rare Exchange(2)

US Special Envoy for Iran Brian Hook said Tuesday he viewed as "positive" an Iranian official's desire for more prisoner swaps after both sides exchanged prisoners in Zurich...Голос Америки

US Hopes Iran Prisoner Exchange Leads to Broader Dialogue(2)

Top US envoy for Iran recalled "emotional moment" witnessing release of Chinese American Prisoner Голос Америки

US Hope Prisoner Exchange Will Lead to Broader Discussion with Iran(4)

Top US special envoy for Iran recalled 'emotional moment' witnessing the release of Chinese American Xiyue Wang Голос Америки

Ukraine, Separatists Fail to Agree on Prisoner Exchange(2)

...absolve rebels in its custody of criminal charges as main stumbling block; also, parties can't confirm numbers, verify lists of prisoners to be swapped...Голос Америки

Warring Yemen Parties Carry Out Prisoner Swap(2)

The local deal coincided with renewed diplomatic efforts by the United Nations this week and as Saudi Arabia carries out informal talks with the Houthis about a possible cease-fire Голос Америки

Zelenskiy Says Ukrainian Prisoner Swap 'Supposed' to Happen Sunday (2)

However, list of individuals whom central Ukrainian authorities and Russia-backed separatists are to hand over has not been finalized Голос Америки

Ukraine Begins Prisoner Swap With Separatists(2)

Swap gives fragile hope for resolution of conflict Голос Америки

Ukraine, Russia-Backed Separatists Begin Prisoner Swap(2)

The Ukrainian side is expected to hand over 87 people, while the separatists are set to swap 55 Голос Америки

Ukraine-Russia Prisoner Swap Draws Criticism(2)

Criticism mounted in Kyiv Monday over a controversial prisoner exchange with Russia-backed separatists as it emerged that among the captives were five riot policemen accused of killing protesters during...Голос Америки

US Calls on Iran to Discuss Any Prisoner Swap Via Official Channels (2)

In a Monday interview with VOA sister network Alhurra, US envoy Brian Hook said 'proper' channel for Iran to send messages about Americans whom it has detained is through the Swiss embassy Голос Америки

Diplomat: Afghan Prisoner Swap for American, Australian Did Not Occur(2)

The Afghan government's decision to free Anas Haqqani and two other Taliban commanders, Haji Mali Khan and Hafiz Rashid, was taken in the hope of securing direct talks with the Taliban Голос Америки

Afghan Taliban Blame US for Failed Prisoner Swap(2)

They say American side did not show up at mutually agreed upon venue in Afghanistan Голос Америки

Afghan Prisoner Swap Falling Apart Amid Uncertainty About Inmates Whereabouts(2)

Since President Ashraf Ghani's announcement of the deal Tuesday, there have been several conflicting reports about the whereabouts of the three inmates, with no comment from the Afghan government Голос Америки

Three Taliban Militants Flown to Qatar Awaiting Prisoner Swap (2)

High-ranking insurgents held by Afghanistan since 2014 to be exchanged for two Westerners held by Taliban for three years Голос Америки

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