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Freed Taliban Prisoner Believes SEAL Teams Attempted Rescues

An Australian teacher held captive with an American colleague by the Taliban for more than three years believes US troops tried and failed six times to free them Голос Америки

London Attacker Had Been Convicted on Terrorism Charges

The suspect had been attending a symposium on prisoner rehabilitation before launching his attack...Голос Америки

Officials: Trump Thanks Pakistani, Afghan Leaders for Release of Western Hostages

Conversation follows prisoner swap that won freedom for two university professors who had been held hostage by the Afghan Taliban since August 2016...Голос Америки

Three Taliban Militants Flown to Qatar Awaiting Prisoner Swap

High-ranking insurgents held by Afghanistan since 2014 to be exchanged for two Westerners held by Taliban for three years Голос Америки

Taliban Releases Two Western Hostages in Prisoner Exchange

American, Australian professors at Kabul-based American University released in exchange for three high-ranking members of Taliban, who were released hours earlier in Qatar Голос Америки

Afghan Prisoner Swap Falling Apart Amid Uncertainty About Inmates Whereabouts

Since President Ashraf Ghani's announcement of the deal Tuesday, there have been several conflicting reports about the whereabouts of the three inmates, with no comment from the Afghan government Голос Америки

Afghan Taliban Blame US for Failed Prisoner Swap

They say American side did not show up at mutually agreed upon venue in Afghanistan Голос Америки

Diplomat: Afghan Prisoner Swap for American, Australian Did Not Occur

The Afghan government's decision to free Anas Haqqani and two other Taliban commanders, Haji Mali Khan and Hafiz Rashid, was taken in the hope of securing direct talks with the Taliban Голос Америки

US Calls on Iran to Discuss Any Prisoner Swap Via Official Channels

In a Monday interview with VOA sister network Alhurra, US envoy Brian Hook said 'proper' channel for Iran to send messages about Americans whom it has detained is through the Swiss embassy Голос Америки

Sources: US Envoy Returns to Afghanistan, Discusses Prisoner Swap(2)

Afghan government sources have confirmed to VOA talks on the fate of two Western hostages held by the Taliban are in progress; there has been no comment from US officials Голос Америки

Prisoner Combatants Taken in Baghdadi Raid(2)

Once a powerful self-declared caliph, Baghdadi was found hiding in a tunnel. Голос Америки

US Mum as Iran Says it Provided List of Detained Iranians for Prisoner Swap(2)

Asked by VOA Persian to confirm whether it received Iran's list for a proposed prisoner swap, State Department only restated US goal of bringing home American 'hostages' held in Iran...Голос Америки

Robert Kocharian: I am ready to continue the fight even from the  prison cell(2)

" The statement also noted that Kocharian is a political prisoner. Arminfo: Главная

US Rejects Request From Iran's Zarif to Visit UN Envoy in New York Hospital Unless Prisoner Released(2)

State Department spokesperson says Zarif's request would be granted if Iran releases one of several American citizens it had detained Голос Америки

Russia-Ukraine Prisoner Swap: Step Toward Peace or False Dawn?(2)

The exchange, long in the making, raises hopes that Moscow and Kyiv can end a more than five-year war but many are skeptical Голос Америки

The first step to stop the war: the prisoner exchange between Russia and Ukraine(2)

Russia and Ukraine carried out a long-awaited prisoner exchange on Saturday that was hailed by the Ukrainian president as a "first step" towards ending a Russian-backed insurgency in...Медиа группа "Объектив"

Волкер: Очень приятно видеть возвращение украинских моряков домой(2)

Волкер: Очень приятно видеть возвращение украинских моряков домой

Алексей Сизонович, Павел Гриб, Эдем Бекиров, Евгений Панов, Артур Панов. Very pleased to see Ukrainian sailors coming home and Ukraine-Russia prisoner exchange! Hope it builds momentum for further prisoner exchanges, renewed ceasefire, and progress toward full Minsk implementation. — Kurt...Новости Украины. ТЕЛЕГРАФ - последние новости Украины и мира за по

США рассчитывают на активный диалог между Россией и Украиной после обмена(2)

снижения напряженности между Россией и Украиной», – говорится в сообщении американского посольства в России. We welcome the news of a prisoner exchange and are encouraged to see signs of a more robust dialogue and lowering of tensions between #Russia and...Электронное периодическое издание "Взгляд.ру"

Russia-Ukraine Prisoner Exchange Underway(2)

While the exact number, list, and timing of the exchange is not yet publicly known, the leaders of both countries have insisted a significant exchange was imminent in recent days Голос Америки

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