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15 New Coronavirus Cases in S. Korea, As Epidemic Threatens Economy

Government under pressure to do more to contain fallout of virus...Голос Америки

Constitutional Court Judge: Accuse me for a reason, and not based on fabricated facts

ArmInfo. Judge of the Constitutional Court Feliks Tokhyan refutes information about the political pressure against him.Arminfo: Главная

Expert: The hopes of the Turkish Foreign Minister for exerting Russian influence on Armenia are part of a far-reaching strategy

Relations and Security, Turkologist Hayk Gabrielyan. Within recent days, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu again called on Russia to exert pressure on Armenia to resolve the Karabakh conflict. "If Russia uses its influence, we can solve the Karabakh conflict," the...Arminfo: Главная

'Be Yourself' Ex-British PM May Advises Women in Politics

She resigned as premier in July 2019 after three years in the post amid mounting pressure over her inability to carry out Brexit, a topic notably absent from her speech in the United Arab Emirates...Голос Америки

Trump Denies Applying Pressure to Change Sentencing Recommendation for Confidant

The president had denounced prosecutors' sentencing recommendation of seven to nine years for Roger Stone in corruption case linked to 2016 presidential election Голос Америки

Salvadoran President's Supporters Pressure Lawmakers to Approve Loan to Boost Security

The president's move to pressure lawmakers was backed by defense minister René Merino Monroy and police director Mauricio Arriaza Chicas but was questioned by human...Голос Америки

My Chemical Romance: лучшее

My Chemical Romance: лучшее

Теги: Боб Дилан, Джерард Уэй, Дэвид Боуи Афиша Daily

Former Student Activist Takes Charge as Kosovo's Prime Minister

Pressure to renew negotiations with Serbia tops a list of challenges for Albin Kurti's new government Голос Америки

Human rights activists attributed Arkhangelsk Oblast to the zone of "meaningful pressure" on the freedom of information

Human rights activists attributed Arkhangelsk Oblast to the zone of "meaningful pressure" on the freedom of information

...were five interferences to the work of media, one shutdown (unplanned Internet disconnection) and more than 100 cases of administrative pressure on Internet users in Pomorye in 2019. "After some hesitation, a few years ago, the authorities decided on the...Журнал 7х7

Experts: Russia Skirts Sanctions on N. Korean Workers to Defy US-led Pressure

Russia has been dodging UN sanctions and hiring North Korean workers to push back against US policy of maximum pressure, a policy that helps counter a shrinking labor pool in its Far East region, experts say...Голос Америки

Biden Under Pressure to Prove He Can Thwart New Republican Attacks

Democratic candidate Joe Biden and President Donald Trump are campaigning in Iowa just days from the state's lead-off caucuses Голос Америки

Какие продукты влияют на артериальное давление?

Какие продукты влияют на артериальное давление?

Британские специалисты из организации Blood Pressure UK утверждают, что употребление бананов может снижать артериальное давление.О том, употребление каких продуктов питания может повышать или снижать артериальное давление...Правда.Ру: Аналитика и новости

Uighur Woman Uses Social Media to Pressure China into Releasing Her Father

Samira Imin came to the US in 2014 as an international student and was admitted to the University of Massachusetts Amherst majoring in biology Голос Америки

New Pressure on Prince Andrew to Help Epstein Investigation

Pressure increased Tuesday after the revelation by US authorities that Andrew has failed to cooperate with the FBI's investigation into his ties with the late convicted sex offender Голос Америки

От повышенного давления помогут 2 банана в день

поможет контролировать артериальное давление и добиваться его снижения в момент гипертонического «скачок». К такому выводу пришли британские ученые из Blood Pressure UK, сообщает РИА LIVE24, которые специализируются на деятельности, связанной с популяризацией методов профилактики гипертонии. За основу исследования эксперты взяли...КУРС - радио Соловьиного края

Бананы помогут снизить артериальное давление

Бананы помогут снизить артериальное давление

Британские специалисты из организации Blood Pressure UK утверждают, что употребление бананов может снижать артериальное давление.Правда.Ру: Аналитика и новости

Congressional Democrats: Trump 'Schemed' to Pressure Ukraine

Congressional Democrats accused President Donald Trump Wednesday of designing “a corrupt scheme” to pressure Ukraine into investigating former Vice President Joe Biden, Trump's leading 2020 election rival. In the first day of opening arguments before...Голос Америки

Greek Islands Stage Protest Against Migrant Pressure

Residents of three Greek islands protested Wednesday against the overcrowding of refugee camps and demanded government action to ease migrant pressure. Голос Америки

Huawei Founder Says Company Can Withstand Increased US Pressure

Analysts note the Chinese tech giant has been working to reduce its reliance on American-made components Голос Америки

UN Chief Urges International Pressure to Solidify Libyan Cease-Fire

Antonio Guterres said it is imperative to get a cease-fire and move to political talks to restore peace and unity to Libya Голос Америки

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