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Exiled Activist: Iran Imprisons Arab Teacher Who Blamed Authorities for Poverty

In VOA Persian interview, Iranian Arab rights researcher Karim Dahimi says schoolteacher in Khuzestan province was punished for social media posts criticizing local authorities Голос Америки

Poverty Dramatically Increases COVID-19 Death Risk, Researchers Say

Access to hospital care biggest driving factor Голос Америки

As COVID Shuts Schools, Girls Marry Out of Poverty

Human rights organizations show impact more severe on girls than boys Голос Америки

Global Poverty Set for Alarming Increase, Analysts Warn

Prediction comes as the coronavirus wreaks havoc across the globe Голос Америки

Philippines Allows Soft Post-Lockdown Reopening to Avert Dire Economic Fall

The Southeast Asian country has faced food shortages and a signs of more poverty because of anti-coronavirus containment measures, Some measures were lifted June 1...Голос Америки

Попытки ограблений банков в России будут расти из-за резкого обнищания населения(2)

питания в стоимости пороговых значений абсолютной бедности, согласно данным глобального обзора ООН по измерению бедности (United Nations Global Survey on Poverty Measurement). Для России на графике значение абсолютной бедности указано на уровне примерно 42%. Таким образом, уже в апреле 2020...Банковский портал FinNews.ru

Coronavirus Spread Feared Where Water Is Scarce Around the World(2)

For people who are affected by war and poverty, the simple act of washing their hands is a luxury...Голос Америки

India-Bangladesh Border Braces for Super Cyclone(2)

With number of confirmed coronavirus cases still on the rise in both countries, Cyclone Amphan poses further threats to poverty-stricken areas and refugee camps in storm's path...Голос Америки

UN: COVID-19 Could Push 34 Million Into Extreme Poverty(2)

Total global economic losses from pandemic could hit $8.5 trillion, erasing nearly all gains of past four years, report says Голос Америки

Telethon Raises $115M for New Yorkers Impacted by COVID-19 (2)

The one-hour benefit was presented by the New York-based poverty fighting organization, Robin Hood, and iHeartMedia, and all the donations will provide support for food, shelter, cash assistance, mental health...Голос Америки

Ameriabank and UNICEF join forces to ensure children`s educational  continuity(2)

...for the children of Armenia, is committed to improving the lives of the most vulnerable groups of children living in poverty and isolation. Since its inception, UNICEF has been fully funded by voluntary contributions from individuals, the private sector, foundations...Arminfo: Главная

Чудеса или целеустремленность?(2)

и другими международными организациями в мае 2005 года был создан Международный центр по сокращению масштабов нищеты в Китае (The International Poverty Reduction Center in China — IPRCC), базирующийся в Пекине. Он призван служить платформой для международного сотрудничества в области сокращения...Журнал "Бюджет"

Количество расистских группировок в США выросло при Дональде Трампе на 55%(2)

Такие данные содержатся в докладе «Ненависть и экстремизм в этом году» (.pdf) за 2019 год, выпущенном в среду организацией Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).Она отслеживает деятельность в США ксенофобских и экстремистских организаций. По данным организации, число белых расистских групп ненависти...Коммерсантъ

UN Deputy Secretary General Calls on Africa to do More Against Hunger, Poverty(2)

A top United Nations official says African governments in must do more to fight poverty and hunger in order to meet 2030 Agenda goals for sustainable development...Голос Америки

UN Official Calls for Tougher Fight Against African Hunger, Poverty(2)

United Nations official has visited Zimbabwe and called on African governments to do more to reach 2030 sustainable development goals Голос Америки

Students Seek to Solve World Problems at Model UN(2)

More than 3,000 attend prestigious program - known as MUN - to simulate problem-solving of United Nations around water, territorial, poverty and development issues, among others, in Washington...Голос Америки

Somalia Eligible for Debt Relief (2)

Country will have to commit to economic and financial reforms as well as poverty reduction...Голос Америки

Report: Women Seeking Asylum in Britain Often Find Destitution(2)

Report says many women fleeing persecution and sexual violence often end up living in absolute poverty without access to housing, financial support or the right to work...Голос Америки

Africa Holds 'Silence the Guns' Summit as New Conflicts Grow(2)

South Sudan's civil war began in 2013 and has left 380,000 people dead and millions more in dire poverty Голос Америки

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