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Armenian CEC presents voter register indicating polling stations equipped with search engine

Having indicated the number of the polling station, you can find it on the map, and learn its the address.Arminfo: Главная

Iran State Media Claim Large Tournout in Parliamentary Election

At the same time, citizen journalists on social media record dozens of apparently empty polling stations...Голос Америки

Iowa's Coveted Status in Doubt Following Results Delay

State known for staging first-in-the-nation nominating contest in presidential elections triggers fiasco with problems reporting polling results...Голос Америки

Democratic Presidential Hopefuls Woo Iowa Voters Ahead of 2020 Caucus

With the large field of candidates and the tight polling numbers among the four leading candidates turnout for Democrats is expected to be high...Голос Америки

Former Trump Supporters All In for Yang

The entrepreneur isn't polling well but he's still in the race thanks to a unique style and really devoted followers...Голос Америки

Booker Ends Presidential Bid After Polling, Money Struggles

Cory Booker's exit now narrows to twelve the field of Democratic candidates aiming to unseat Trump in November elections Голос Америки

Putin Weighs Future Options as He Marks 20 Years in Power(2)

Still polling high in popularity, Russian leader boasts about his achievements but remains coy about his political future...Голос Америки

Vote of confidence: Politico Europe makes polling data visual to give readers a better election view(2)

The post Vote of confidence: Politico Europe makes polling data visual to give readers a better election view appeared first on Stories.News Center | News, perspectives and press materials from Microsoft on news and events affecting the company and the tec

Impeachment Divides Voters in Crucial Political Battleground State(2)

Current polling in Wisconsin shows Trump trailing most of his potential Democratic rivals in 2020 matchups...Голос Америки

Afghanistan Bracing for Violence Ahead of Presidential Vote

Insurgents are threatening to attack polling stations, and some political candidates, concerned about potential fraud, are threatening violence if elections are not considered fair and transparent...Голос Америки

US Democrats Announce Tighter Criteria for Fifth Presidential Debate

New rule requires candidates to meet one of two polling requirements and have 165,000 unique donors...Голос Америки

Steak, Beer and Politics: 2020 Democrats Look to Impress Iowans(2)

At this year's Polk County Democratic Party Steak Fry, new polling shows Elizabeth Warren challenging Joe Biden's support among likely caucusgoers...Голос Америки

Israeli PM's Bid to Place Cameras at Polling Stations Fails

Netanyahu's bid fails to get cameras installed in polling stations to prevent alleged voting fraud in Arab districts...Голос Америки

Poll: Disapproval of Bolsonaro Presidency Jumps Amid Amazon Crisis

Datafolha polling institute found that 29% say Bolsonaro is doing a 'great or good' job, down from 33% in July...Голос Америки

Футболистку-лесбиянку предложили выдвинуть в президенты США

Футболистку-лесбиянку предложили выдвинуть в президенты США

Меган Рапино могла бы выиграть президентские выборы у Дональда Трампа. Oб этoм говорится в иccлeдoвaнии, oпубликoвaнном на сайте Public Policу Polling. Аналитическая компания демократической партии США провела опрос после финала женского чемпионата мира по футболу. Согласно его результатам, на президентских...Новости в России и в мире — Newsland — информационно-дискуссионный п

CEC summed up preliminary voting results from 134 polling stations(6)

ArmInfo.The CEC summed up the preliminary voting results from 786 polling stations. According to the CEC, the My Step bloc leads with 70.31% of the votes, followed by the Prosperous Armenia...Arminfo: Главная

18-year-old citizens receive souvenir badges after voting

18-year-old citizens receive souvenir badges after voting

Polling stations opened across Armenia as the country is holding early parliamentary elections on Sunday, December 9 Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Nikol Pashinyan: Despite rain, snow and the lack of "electoral buses", all of us should go to polling station

...not frighten the Armenian voter. "Despite the rain, snow and the absence of "electoral buses "everyone should go to the polling station," Pashinyan wrote on his Facebook page. Snap parliamentary elections are being held today in Armenia, in which 9...Arminfo: Главная

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