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Israel's Internal Politics Raise Tensions with Jordan

As US prepares Mideast plan, Israeli politicians' contest on how much of the West Bank they will annex is causing anxiety and frustration in Jordan...Голос Америки

Lebanese Protesters Decry Security Forces' Use of Violence

After a period of calm, protests have returned to Lebanon as politicians fail to form a new government and an unprecedented economic crisis deepens...Голос Америки

Iran's Clerics, Elected Politicians Maneuver Ahead of Parliamentary Polls

Shooting down last week of a Ukrainian airliner over Tehran is at the center of rising tensions between Iran's clerics and the country's elected politicians Голос Америки

Tanzania Threatens to Block Unregistered SIM Cards(2)

Tanzania mobile phone users decry deadline; opposition politicians concerned about effect on elections...Голос Америки

Ethiopia Adopts New Version of Much-Criticized Terrorism Law

The new law, adopted Thursday, removes text invoked to arrest scores of journalists and politicians over the years...Голос Америки

Iraqi Politicians Condemn US Strike on Pro-Iran Shi'ite Militia

Iraqi Parliament unable to muster quorum to vote on condemning US airstrike on pro-Iran Kataib Hezbollah militia Голос Америки

Can Africa's Opposition Parties Be Liberated?

First, you must be liberated - and you must liberate yourself from the liberators,' say African opposition politicians Голос Америки

Iraqi Politicians Miss Deadline for New Prime Minister

Anti-government rallies have rocked Baghdad and the Shiite-majority South since October, protesting against corruption, poor services, and a lack of jobs Голос Америки

Study: Nikol Pashinyan's rating continues to remain high

Naira Zohrabyan (63.5%) ) and Gevorg Petrosyan (22.3%), from - Edmon Marukyan (59.7%) and Mane Tandilyan (30%). The most famous politicians from RPA are former president Serzh Sargsyan (68.3%), Armen Ashotyan (53.7%) and Eduard Sharmazanov (52.5%), from the ARF -...Arminfo: Главная

Africa's Opposition Parties Say Struggle Against Entrenched Leaders is Generational

Opposition politicians in Africa face tough challenges -- including arrest, intimidation and violence...Голос Америки

Daughter Accepts EU Parliament Prize on Behalf of Uighur Activist

Jewher Ilham urged politicians, academics and students on Wednesday to protest against the treatment of the Uighurs as she accepted her father's Sakharov Prize...Голос Америки

Erdogan: Ankara is ready to recognize the genocide of the Native Americans

...talk about America? This is a dark page in the history of the United States," he said, noting that the politicians and not historians should take the decision. Erdogan also touched upon Frenchmen, who, according to the Turkish leader, are...Arminfo: Главная

Britain's Spies Probe Russian Election Meddling

Britain's cybersecurity agency is investigating whether state-sponsored Russian hackers were behind leaks of British government documents used by opposition politicians to embarrass Boris Johnson's ruling Conservatives ahead of Thursday's general election...Голос Америки

Hundreds of Thousands of Protesters Pack Hong Kong Streets

It was the first police-sanctioned mass protest for almost four months and was also the first after pro-democracy politicians scored a landslide victory in a district election last month...Голос Америки

She Can't Vote, but 2020 Democrats Want Her Support Anyway

Democratic presidential candidates hoping to win in early state Nevada are courting local luminaries and politicians, but one of the biggest endorsements they're hoping to earn in the western state is from a woman who cannot...Голос Америки

Vigil Honors London Attack Victims;

London Bridge has reopened to cars and pedestrians; three days after a man previously convicted of terrorism offenses stabbed two people to death and injured three others before being shot dead by police Голос Америки

Conservative Jitters on Eve of Trump's London Trip

Britain's politicians are bracing for a two-day visit to London by US President Donald Trump and wondering how trip may affect the...Голос Америки

Cameroon Youths Protest Older Politicians Running for Office(2)

Young people have been disrupting meetings to demand more say in politics and asking octogenarian leaders to step down Голос Америки

Thousands Protest in Lebanon as Politicians Trade Barbs(2)

Protesters have accused political leaders of corruption and are demanding social and economic reforms and adequate basic services Голос Америки

UN Urges Lebanon to Form Government of 'Competence' (2)

Banks and schools were shut in a new wave of disruption as politicians struggled to agree on a new government to steer the country out of its worst economic crisis since the 1975-90...Голос Америки

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