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Britain's Spies Probe Russian Election Meddling

Britain's cybersecurity agency is investigating whether state-sponsored Russian hackers were behind leaks of British government documents used by opposition politicians to embarrass Boris Johnson's ruling Conservatives ahead of Thursday's general election...Голос Америки

Hundreds of Thousands of Protesters Pack Hong Kong Streets

It was the first police-sanctioned mass protest for almost four months and was also the first after pro-democracy politicians scored a landslide victory in a district election last month...Голос Америки

She Can't Vote, but 2020 Democrats Want Her Support Anyway

Democratic presidential candidates hoping to win in early state Nevada are courting local luminaries and politicians, but one of the biggest endorsements they're hoping to earn in the western state is from a woman who cannot...Голос Америки

Vigil Honors London Attack Victims;

London Bridge has reopened to cars and pedestrians; three days after a man previously convicted of terrorism offenses stabbed two people to death and injured three others before being shot dead by police Голос Америки

Conservative Jitters on Eve of Trump's London Trip

Britain's politicians are bracing for a two-day visit to London by US President Donald Trump and wondering how trip may affect the...Голос Америки

Cameroon Youths Protest Older Politicians Running for Office

Young people have been disrupting meetings to demand more say in politics and asking octogenarian leaders to step down Голос Америки

Thousands Protest in Lebanon as Politicians Trade Barbs

Protesters have accused political leaders of corruption and are demanding social and economic reforms and adequate basic services Голос Америки

UN Urges Lebanon to Form Government of 'Competence'

Banks and schools were shut in a new wave of disruption as politicians struggled to agree on a new government to steer the country out of its worst economic crisis since the 1975-90...Голос Америки

Study: Social Media a Double-Edged Sword for Female Politicians

Although women benefit from engaging constituents online, they're also more likely to be trolled by fake accounts than their male counterparts Голос Америки

Queen, Politicians out in Force As UK Remembers Its War Dead

12 election to take part in a somber Remembrance Sunday service in London Голос Америки

Are the West's Secrets Safe in the Hands of Britain's Politicians?

Not since the 1970s, when some British MI5 officers thought Labour leader Harold Wilson, who won four general elections, was a KGB asset have Britain's spooks been so uneasy about their political masters Голос Америки

Robert Kocharyan believes Armenia's cooperation with Russia in the field of security and global processes is uncontested

...cooperation with Russia in the security sphere becomes even more important and obvious lack of alternative. Only irresponsible or recruited politicians can insist today on the withdrawal of the Russian base from the country. The tragedy with the Kurds in...Arminfo: Главная

David Tonoyan is on a visit to Batumi

...and the prospects for accession, hybrid threats and Georgia's strategic readiness. The event will bring together high-ranking Georgian and foreign politicians, defense and security experts, representatives of civil society, the media and academia.Arminfo: Главная

John Conyers, Longest Serving Black Congressman, Dies at 90(2)

Conyers, among the high-profile politicians topped by sex harassment allegations in 2017, died at his home on Sunday, said Detroit police spokesman Cpl.Голос Америки

Franco Exhumation a Political Game that Debases His Legacy, Grandson Says(2)

Grandson criticized both politicians and the judiciary for allowing the exhumation, and reburial in a nearby private family vault, to proceed...Голос Америки

В Лондоне требуют проведение второго референдума по Brexit(2)

...part in the #BrexitDebate.As Nelson Mandela said, "the real makers of history are the ordinary men and women of our country"Politicians have got to give the public the final say.pic.twitter.com/m4fs4PdkDa David Lammy (@DavidLammy) 19 октября 2019 г.Организаторы марша также просят...ForUm - новости Украины и мира. Последние новости и события.

2 Plead Not Guilty of Conspiring With Giuliani Associates(2)

David Correia and Andrey Kukushkin are among four men charged with using straw donors to make illegal contributions to politicians they thought could help their political and business interests...Голос Америки

"Эль Классико" могут перенести на декабрь из-за протестов в Барселоне(2)

"Эль Классико" могут перенести на декабрь из-за протестов в Барселоне

Защитник команды Жерар Пике выступил с поддержкой протестующих: 'Proud to be part of this club': Pique backs Bara on jailed politicians. https://t.co/IC5M6AOMmK FC Barcelona News (@Barca) 14 октября 2019 г. Proud to be part of this Club. https://t.co/RlkeYsyccS Gerard Piqu...Главная – Metro

In Mari El, three people were searched because of the case on «money laundering» in the Anti-Corruption Foundation(2)

In Mari El, three people were searched because of the case on «money laundering» in the Anti-Corruption Foundation

Not only activists supporting Navalny, but also journalists, politicians, social activists were searched.Журнал 7х7

Trudeau Wears Protective Vest at Rally; Threat Not Disclosed(2)

Opposition politicians tweet their concerns and against threats of violence...Голос Америки

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