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Трамп хочет финансировать стену на границе с Мексикой за счет сокращения закупок вооружений

Как сообщает американское издание "DefenseNews" в материале "Pentagon seeks to cut F-35s, other equipment to pay for Trumps border wall", министерство обороны США планирует перенаправить 3,8 млрд долл...Новости Военно-Промышленного Комплекса России и других стран мира - ВПК.name

US: No Start Date Yet for Temporary Afghan Truce

US Pentagon chief says, 'We are... on the doorstep of a reduction-of-violence period'...Голос Америки

US Defense Secretary: 'Reduction in Violence' Plan Negotiated With Afghan Taliban

VOA's Pentagon correspondent Carla Babb has the details from Munich.Голос Америки

US Court Halts Pentagon Work with Microsoft on Cloud Contract

Federal Judge approves Amazon's request and halts Microsoft's work on the JEDI cloud contract Голос Америки

US Pulling Some Combat Troops Out of Africa

US infantry soldiers will be replaced with specialized military trainers in a move the Pentagon describes as 'the first of many'...Голос Америки

Amazon Wants Trump Deposition Over Loss of Military Contract

The Pentagon awarded the cloud computing project to Microsoft in October.Голос Америки

US Citizens Evacuated From China Due to Arrive at California Military Bases

The 350 Americans evacuated from Wuhan will be quarantined for 14 days, according to the Pentagon Голос Америки

Pentagon: US Forces Destroy 2 Terrorist Camps in Southern Somalia

AFRICOM says al-Shabab used the camps to launch terror attacks on civilians Голос Америки

Pentagon Chief: Landmines Important Tool US Troops Need

Trump administration is expected to relax Obama-era restrictions on US military's use and acquisition of explosive devices Голос Америки

Pentagon: Sexual Assaults Rise at US Military Academies

During the 2018-2019 school year, there were 149 sexual assaults officially reported to authorities at three military academies compared to 117 during the previous school year Голос Америки

US Waiting on Iraq to Approve New Missile Defenses

Iraqi government approval is all that stands in the way of the Pentagon sending Patriot missile defense batteries to defend against Iranian missiles...Голос Америки

Pentagon Chief Defends Trump After Traumatic Brain Injury Comments

Last week, US president appeared to play down injuries US troops sustained in Iraq, saying he 'heard that they had headaches and a couple of other things,' prompting criticism Голос Америки

Pentagon: 50 Troops Suffered Brain Injuries in Iran Strike

The Pentagon for the third time has increased the number of U.S. service members who suffered traumatic brain injuries in Iran’s missile...Голос Америки

Pentagon Says 34 US Troops Diagnosed with Traumatic Brain Injuries After Iran Strike

President Trump and other top officials initially said Iran's attack had not killed or injured any US service members Голос Америки

Дайджест новостей на 18.01.2020

Дайджест новостей на 18.01.2020

Дайджест новостей на 18.01.2020 [В мире]   Парламент Ирана признал Пентагон террористической организацией https://iz.ru/961872/2020-01-07/parlament-irana-priznal-pentagon-terroristicheskoi-organizatciei Столица Индии пережила самый холодный день за […]Запись Дайджест новостей на 18.01.2020 впервые появилась Рабкор.ру.Интернет-журнал Рабкор.ру

Pentagon Placing New Restrictions on International Military Students

All new and current students will have to abide by the restrictions, including limits on their access to military and government facilities Голос Америки

Pentagon Defends Track Record in Afghanistan

Spokesman says accusation there was an intent to lie or mislead 'doesn't hold water' Голос Америки

Pentagon Asked to Divert More Funds to Build More Border Wall

The Defense Department did not know how much the request would potentially cost because the request was for 'border miles' and not for a specific funding amount Голос Америки

Officials Had 'Incentive' to Lie About Afghan War, Inspector General Tells Congress

A top Pentagon watchdog has told U.S. lawmakers there was an “incentive” for U.S. officials and military commanders to lie about the progress...Голос Америки

Iran Fires Missiles at 2 Iraqi Air Bases Housing US Forces, Pentagon Says

Military official tells VOA 'this is a game changer;' Iran had threatened to avenge US killing of its top general Qassem Soleimani Голос Америки

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