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China-Built Pakistani Port Begins Handling Afghan Transit Trade

The first cargo containers reach Gwadar for trucking to Afghanistan through the town of Chaman Голос Америки

Pakistani Scholar Sentenced to Death for Blasphemy

Thirty-three-year-old Junaid Hafeez, who was indicted in 2014, was kept in jail in solitary confinement due to threats on his life; his case was so sensitive in religiously conservative Pakistan that even his trial was held inside the jail Голос Америки

Pakistani Girls Follow Passion for Football Despite Odds

That has not stopped women who enjoy sports from pushing the boundaries and demanding change. Голос Америки

Pakistani Lawyer who Fought for Unlawfully Held is Abducted

According to his son, several armed men in plainclothes knocked on the gate of the family's home on Monday night; when the family opened the door, the men barged in and snatched Inamur Rehman, shoved him into a car and...Голос Америки

Former Pakistani President Musharraf Sentenced to Death

Pervez Musharraf found guilty Tuesday by special court of high treason over 2007 emergency rule; he has been living in Dubai since traveling there in 2016 for medical treatment Голос Америки

Pakistani Rights Group Applauds US for Sanctioning Law Enforcement Official

Manzoor Pashteen, leader of Pakistan's Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM), which advocates for Pashtun rights in Pashtun-populated regions in the country, told VOA the movement welcomes the decision and looks up to the US for 'upholding justice' Голос Америки

Police: Violence Erupts as Pakistani Lawyers Storm Hospital

The assault set off scuffles with the facility's staff and guards that caused three deaths and left heart patients unattended for several hours, police said Голос Америки

Journalists Rally to Denounce Threats to Pakistani Newspaper

Pakistani journalists and rights activists have rallied in support of a leading newspaper in Islamabad and elsewhere, days after Islamists gathered at office of the paper, threatening staff and demanding its editor be hanged Голос Америки

London Attack Coverage Prompted Riots Against a Pakistani Newspaper

The reporter's identification of the attacker as a British citizen of Pakistani origin was deemed as unpatriotic and defamatory because of the usage of the phrase 'Pakistani origin' and the linkage to Pakistan Голос Америки

Officials: Trump Thanks Pakistani, Afghan Leaders for Release of Western Hostages(2)

Conversation follows prisoner swap that won freedom for two university professors who had been held hostage by the Afghan Taliban since August 2016 Голос Америки

Pakistani Women Advance in Tech (2)

The result is the Seattle based Pakistani Women in Computing or PWIC. Голос Америки

Pakistani Ex-PM Sharif Granted Permission to Travel for Medical Treatment(2)

A court gives former prime minister Nawaz Sharif four weeks before he has to return to continue his sentence and face other charges Голос Америки

India Chided for Revoking Overseas Citizenship of British Modi Critic(2)

A spokeswoman for India's Home Ministry said late Thursday that British writer Aatish Taseer was ineligible for the citizenship status because he concealed that his late father was Pakistani Голос Америки

Community Reflects One Year After Devastating California Fires(2)

Chico, a neighboring city became home to thousands of these displaced persons. Голос Америки

Pakistani Islamists Await Deadline They Set for PM to Resign(2)

Pakistani authorities further strengthened security around the camp in the lead-up to Sunday night's deadline Голос Америки

Pakistani Islamists Continue Sit-In, Demand PM Resign(2)

Tens of thousands of supporters of the Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam party are giving Imran Khan until Sunday night to resign over the country's economic hardships Голос Америки

Opposition Gives Pakistani PM Two Days to Resign (2)

VOA's Ayesha Tanzeem was at the protest and has this story from Islamabad. Голос Америки

Opposition Gives Pakistani PM 2 Days to Resign(2)

Islamist political leader blasts government's handling of economy, accuses military of propping up Prime Minister Khan Голос Америки

Pakistani Police Demolish Mosque of Minority Ahmadi Sect(2)

Pakistan's minority Ahmadis say authorities demolish their 70-year-old village mosque in eastern Punjab province Голос Америки

Aides: Jailed Ex-Pakistani PM Sharif's Health Deteriorating(2)

The ailing opposition politician's party is accusing the government of hampering medical treatment, charges officials reject as politically motivated Голос Америки

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