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US Outraged at Pakistan Killing of Citizen on Trial For Blasphemy

Man from Illinois shot several times in front of the judge during a hearing Голос Америки

Man Claiming He is 'Last Prophet of Islam' Killed Inside Pakistan Courtroom

The slain man was facing charges after he had declared himself a prophet Голос Америки

UN: Too Early for Pakistan to Celebrate Improving COVID-19 Situation

Pakistan said there were 936 new COVID-19 infections and 23 deaths from the virus in the past 24 hours, representing a decline of about 86% Голос Америки

Pakistan Hits New Low Daily COVID-19 Death Toll

There were 20 COVID-19 deaths in 24 hours Голос Америки

China, Pakistan Reject Biowarfare Development Collusion

A recent news report said Beijing and Islamabad have entered a covert three-year deal 'to expand potential bio-warfare capabilities' Голос Америки

UN: Thousands of Anti-Pakistan Militants in Afghanistan

A report estimated the membership of the Islamic State affiliate in Afghanistan at 2,200 and while its leadership has been depleted it still counts among its leaders a Syrian national Abu Said Mohammad al-Khorasani Голос Америки

Pakistan Pushes Back on India's Claim of 'Two-Front' War

A senior army commander instead blames Indian border forces for escalating tensions along the Line of Control Голос Америки

Pakistan Searches Site After Undiscovered Buddha Statue Vandalized

Authorities say archeologists have begun searching for remains of third-century, life-size Buddha statue that was found and destroyed by a group of religiously conservative laborers Голос Америки

Пакистанские власти начали отстранять пилотов с подозрительными лицензиями

Пакистанские власти начали отстранять пилотов с подозрительными лицензиями

PIA (Pakistan International Airlines) много лет испытывала проблемы с качеством подготовки пилотов. Они углубились после крушения одного из своих самолетов в Карачи 22 мая 2020 года, в результате которого погибли 98 человек. Предварительные исследования показали, что это произошло из-за ошибки...Новости грузовой авиации - AirCargoNews.ru

Pakistan's Hindus Call to Resume Work on Temple Protested by Islamic Hardliners(2)

Hindus say project is their basic religious right and vow to build it at their expense Голос Америки

Пакистан делает новую попытку продажи проблемного меткомбината

Как заявил в парламенте министр промышленности и производства Пакистана Хаммад Азхар, правительство страны в очередной раз готовит продажу единственного в стране металлургического комбината Pakistan Steel Mills (PSM), простаивающего с 2015 г. По словам министра, предприятие будет работать по принципам частно-государственного...Металлоснабжение и сбыт

China's Invetments in Pakistan-Administered Kashmir Seen as 'Blow' to India

India, which controls most of Kashmir and claims it in its entirety, has denounced the project as a violation of its territorial sovereignty Голос Америки

Pakistan Fires 28 Pilots for Holding 'Dubious' Licenses

A preliminary inquiry revealed two weeks ago found that a third of Pakistani pilots had improperly gotten their licenses Голос Америки

Rights Group Calls for Protection of Hindu Minority in Pakistan

After a Hindu temple was vandalized in Pakistan's capital, Amnesty International demands action from authorities Голос Америки

China, Afghanistan, Pakistan Seek 'Orderly' Foreign Troop Exit

Top officials from the three neighboring countries meet via video link to discuss Afghan peace efforts Голос Америки

Pakistan Rolls Out First Locally Produced Ventilators

Until four months ago, Pakistan had been importing the crucial medical equipment and faced acute shortages because of the coronavirus Голос Америки

Official: Top Afghan Leader to Visit Pakistan Amid Improving Ties

Pakistan has opened three border crossings and says it will open two more to aid transit and trade Голос Америки

US Envoy Forges Ahead With Troubled Taliban Peace Deal

Zalmay Khalilzad was accompanied by an economic development team on his weeklong trip that included stops in Uzbekistan, Pakistan and Qatar Голос Америки

Pakistan Train-Bus Crash Kills 20, Injures 8

Bus carried Sikh pilgrims from the northwestern city of Peshawar who were returning home from visit to shrine Голос Америки

COVID Cooperation, Kashmir Approach Show Signs of Improving US-Pakistan Ties

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan told parliament last week that his country's often uneasy and mistrusted relations with Trump's administration have seen significant improvement over the past two years Голос Америки

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