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New Threats Emerge in Outbreak While China Voices Optimism

Doubts remain about the true trajectory of the epidemic as China again changes its method of counting and new threats emerged outside the country Голос Америки

China Revokes Credentials of 3 'Wall Street Journal' Reporters

Beijing says headline of recent editorial, which was critical of government's response to coronavirus outbreak, as racist...Голос Америки

Strained Political Relations Strand Nearly 1,000 Taiwanese in China's Coronavirus Outbreak Zone

The two sides are bickering over the details of charter flights that would take Taiwanese citizens home Голос Америки

Travel Restrictions, Uncertainty at Home Cause Chinese Tourists to Extend Visas in Indonesia

The coronavirus outbreak has led to trip cancellations but has also led many Chinese still on the island to apply to extend their...Голос Америки

Huge Locust Outbreak in East Africa Reaches South Sudan

Officials say the worst locust outbreak that parts of East Africa have seen in 70 years has reached South Sudan...Голос Америки

N. Korea Says Still No Coronavirus Cases, but Appeals for International Help

Fears N Korea could be concealing an outbreak Голос Америки

Coronavirus Death Toll Tops 1,800

Chinese authorities say the outbreak is under control, but WHO says there is no way to know which way it is going...Голос Америки

Thais Worry That Not Enough Being Done to Prevent Coronavirus Outbreak

...n Thailand, where scientists had predicted a bigger outbreak of the virus, updated information has been sporadic, leaving many Thais - especially broadcasters and other in the media -...Голос Америки

Названа точная дата боя Постол - Рамирес

Названа точная дата боя Постол - Рамирес

...fought eight times as a pro. Ramirez-Postol was slated for Feb. 1 in China, but was postponed due to coronavirus outbreak — Mike Coppinger (@MikeCoppinger) February 12, 2020 "Источник: защита поясов Хосе Рамиреса против Виктора Постола стане главным боем шоу...Новости Украины. ТЕЛЕГРАФ - последние новости Украины и мира за по

Virus Storytellers Challenge China's Official Narrative

Citizen journalists with smart phones and social media accounts are telling stories about the virus outbreak in China in their own words...Голос Америки

Chinese Hospitals Struggle to Cope with the Coronavirus Outbreak

974 deaths, or 96% of the total, occurred in Wuhan - signs that hospitals in the epic center of the outbreak may be collapsing, according to a surgeon in Taipei...Голос Америки

Xiaomi добавила в свои смартфоны "детектор" коронавируса(3)

Xiaomi добавила в свои смартфоны "детектор" коронавируса

Система выдает самую свежую информацию о ситуации с распространением коронавируса... donbass.ua - новости Донбасса

UN Warns Of 'Major Shock' As Africa Locust Outbreak Spreads

Uganda is scrambling to respond to the arrival of the biggest locust outbreak that parts of East Africa have seen in decades...Голос Америки

Смартфоны Xiaomi и Redmi получили «радар» коронавируса

Пользователи Xiaomi и Redmi уже могут через фирменный цифровой помощник проводить мониторинг в реальном времени за распространением опасного коронавируса. iXBT.com - оперативные новости, обзоры и тесты смартфонов, планшетов, ноутбуков и проекторов

Pyongyang Unprepared for Outbreak Like Coronavirus, Says North Korean Doctor Who Defected(2)

North Korea lacks proper medical supplies and medicines to diagnose and treat its local citizens while it prioritizes protecting Pyongyang, home to elites, from contagious diseases, says doctor now located in Seoul Голос Америки

As Death Toll From Virus Grows, More Chinese Voice Anger

Across platforms, many Wuhan residents and others speak out against China's response to the coronavirus outbreak, yet beneath the outrage some just 'go about their lives'...Голос Америки

Помпео: США выделили 100 млн долларов КНР на борьбу с коронавирусом

. This commitment – along w/ hundreds of millions generously donated – demonstrates strong U.S. leadership in response to the outbreak. Together we can have a profound impact. — Secretary Pompeo (@SecPompeo) February 7, 2020 "С гордостью заявляю о дополнительных...Новости Санкт-Петербурга, последние новости дня, новости бизнеса - Фонтанка.ру

Tech Firm Ericsson Pulls Out of Big Trade Show Due to Virus

Wireless equipment maker Ericsson, which is a rival to China's Huawei, is pulling out of the industry's biggest trade fair this month to protect employees from potential exposure to the new virus outbreak Голос Америки

Как сейчас выглядит Ухань, превратившийся в "город-призрак"

Как сейчас выглядит Ухань, превратившийся в "город-призрак"

News. Drone footage shows almost empty streets in typically bustling Wuhan, China, amid a citywide lockdown over the deadly coronavirus outbreak.The viral outbreak has infected more than 20,600 people globally. https://t.co/K9g7lCir38 pic.twitter.com/ZctumKNM1Q ABC News (@ABC) February 4, 2020 Вскоре после...Актуальные новости в любое время. Tengrinews.kz

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