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Negotiators from Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt Optimistic on Nile Dam Standoff

Treasury Department, the three countries say they hope to reach a technical agreement by the end of the month Голос Америки

Longest UN Climate Talks End with No Deal on Carbon Markets

Marathon international climate talks close with negotiators postponing until next year a key decision on global carbon markets...Голос Америки

Deadly Clashes Erupt in Volatile Northern Afghan Province

Fighting comes as US negotiators are preparing to relaunch peace talks with the Taliban in Qatar...Голос Америки

US, Taliban to Renew Push for Afghan Peace

US envoy Zalmay Khalilzad is currently visiting Kabul before traveling to Qatar to restart talks with insurgent negotiators Голос Америки

Carbon Dioxide Emissions on Steady Upward Trend

This is more bad news for United Nations negotiators in Madrid to consider as they aim to hammer out rules for implementing the 2015 Paris international agreement on limiting...Голос Америки

Pakistan Says Visiting US, Taliban Negotiators to Hold Direct Talks

The development comes several weeks after US President Donald Trump called off peace talks with the Taliban Голос Америки

US, Taliban Peace Negotiators Arrive in Pakistan

Sources say Taliban visitors are also expected to call on Prime Minister Imran Khan Голос Америки

Taliban Want US Deal, But Some in Bigger Hurry Than Others(2)

Taliban negotiators were at odds with their Council of Leaders, or shura, about whether to travel to Camp David even before President...Голос Америки

China Calls for ‘Responsible’ Foreign Troop Exit From Afghanistan(4)

American negotiators are in final stage of yearlong bilateral dialogue with insurgent group...Голос Америки

Colombia FARC Negotiators Say They Are Taking Up Arms Again(2)

Video of heavily armed guerrillas condemned the conservative Duque for standing by idly as hundreds of leftist activists and more than 150 rebels were killed since demobilizing began Голос Америки

Kabul Blast Kills One Croatian Soldier, Wounds 2 Others(2)

The violence comes as American and Taliban negotiators prepare for a crucial round of peace talks...Голос Америки

"Kommersant" disclosed the details of the deal on the purchase of Armenia's Su-30SM

...four Su-30SM multi-role fighter jets, which Armenian forces should receive in 2020. As it became known to Kommersant, the Russian negotiators made serious concessions to implement the deal with the CSTO ally: they not only allocated a loan, but also...Arminfo: Главная

Трамп назвал условие торговой сделки с Китаем (2)

и чувствует, что им будет лучше, если они заключат сделку. Они правы", – написал Трамп в Twitter. China’s top trade negotiators are in the U.S. meeting with our representatives. Meetings are going well with good intent and spirit on both...Новости Санкт-Петербурга, последние новости дня, новости бизнеса - Фонтанка.ру

Кабинет министров Британии поддержал проект по Brexit.

Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland from the European Union and the European Atomic Energy Community, as agreed at negotiators' level on 14 November 2018 | European Commission https://t.co/Z14UU6YEsV – Laura Kuenssberg (@bbclaurak) 14 ноября 2018 г.Новости Санкт-Петербурга, последние новости дня, новости бизнеса - Фонтанка.ру

Azeri MFA: Baku considers Artsakh's participation in negotiations incorrect

...negotiations has already been approved, it is announced within the framework of the OSCE. "Armenia and Azerbaijan are participating as negotiators, France, the US and Russia as mediators, and we believe that negotiations will continue in this format. The day...Arminfo: Главная

Analyst: The absence of Aliev's statement from Geneva about the dates of fulfillment of Vienna and St.

...do not specify a specific date for their implementation, it will be possible to state with confidence that the Armenian negotiators were in full flight., this will mean that Serzh Sargsyan himself and his entire team of diplomats-propagandists all...Arminfo: Главная

Japan, EU press ahead on free trade deal to counter U.S. protectionism

Japan, EU press ahead on free trade deal to counter U.S. protectionism

"There is an atmosphere among negotiators that Japan and the EU need to stop protectionism that is prevailing in the world," said a source.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Syrian talks were "more positive" than previous round: opposition

Syrian talks were "more positive" than previous round: opposition

Syrian regime and opposition negotiators did not meet face-to-face, with de Mistura shuttling between the delegations.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Minister: Belarus, Russia agree new gas deal(2)

Belarusian and Russian negotiators have agreed a new gas deal but it has yet to be approved by the heads of state, Energy Minister...Белорусские новости

Syrian negotiators arrive in Geneva for UN-led peace talks(2)

Syrian negotiators arrive in Geneva for UN-led peace talks

The Astana talks have ushered in a shaky ceasefire which excludes hardline jihadist groups such as Islamic State. Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

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