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Indonesia's Mount Merapi Volcano Erupts

Authorities shut down nearby airport after archipelago's most active volcano after blast sends massive cloud 6,000 meters into the sky...Голос Америки

A Narrow Alley's Murals in San Francisco Attract Thousands(2)

The project was formed by six local artists who were inspired by nearby murals, painted during the mid-1980s...Голос Америки

Syria's Aleppo Airport Resumes Flights Amid Nearby Offensive(2)

The flight carrying Syrian officials and journalists was a symbolic message from President Bashar Assad's government, days after its forces consolidated control over the northwestern province of Aleppo and seized the last segments of the strategic M5 highway linking Aleppo...Голос Америки

Обновлённый профиль и анимированные эмодзи Telegram 5.15(2)

Разработчики мессенджера Telegram выпустили новую мобильную версию приложения ко Дню святого Валентина. Статьи - Mega Obzor

До дня влюбленных Telegram запускает новый дизайн и тематические эмодзи (Фото)(2)

До дня влюбленных Telegram запускает новый дизайн и тематические эмодзи (Фото)

Разработчики популярного мессенджера Telegram выпустили новую мобильную версию своего приложения. Новости Украины. ТЕЛЕГРАФ - последние новости Украины и мира за по

Russian Team in Turkey for More Talks on Syria's Idlib(2)

President Bashar Assad's forces, backed by Russian air cover, have been advancing into the last rebel-held areas of Idlib and nearby Aleppo countryside...Голос Америки

Taiwanese Go Wild for Face Masks to Stop Deadly Virus from Nearby China (2)

The Taiwan government is rationing sales of common surgical face masks to ensure everyone has enough but not too many Голос Америки

US Calls On Iraq to Protect Baghdad Embassy After Rocket Attack(2)

On Sunday, one rocket reportedly hit an embassy cafeteria at dinner time while two others landed nearby Голос Америки

Появился аналог Apple AirDrop для Android смартфонов(2)

Технология Nearby Sharing от компаний Google сможет работать на всех Android-смартфонах. Статьи - Mega Obzor

На видео показали Android-телефоны с «фишкой» iPhone(2)

Ресурс XDA Developers опубликовал видеоролик с демонстрацией технологии Nearby Sharing - аналогом AirDrop. Ferra.ru - Аналитические обзоры компьютеров и комплектующих, новости и цены компьютерного рынка

Massive dust storms in Australia hit central New South Wales(2)

Massive dust storms in Australia hit central New South Wales

Videos showed dust storms descending on Dubbo and nearby towns that were so thick they blocked out the sun.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Honeywell to Pay Georgia $4M for Pollution in Coastal Marsh(2)

...cleanup costs related to former LCP Chemicals plant, as well as pay state for lost fishing opportunities from chemicals polluting nearby marsh and waterways...Голос Америки

China's Xi Celebrates 'Loving' Macau's Anniversary With Expected Policy Rewards (2)

...the former Portuguese colony's casino-dependent economy, in what is being seen as a reward for its loyalty, in contrast to nearby Hong Kong and its months of anti-government turmoil...Голос Америки

14 Pilgrims Die, 18 Injured After Bus Crashes in Nepal(2)

Rescuers were able to pull out the injured passengers and take them to nearby hospitals for treatment...Голос Америки

20 Iraqi Protesters Shot Dead in 24 hours, Violence Spirals(2)

In Baghdad, protesters attempt to cross the Ahrar Bridge leading nearby to the heavily fortified Green Zone, the seat of Iraq's government...Голос Америки

Астрофизики обнаружили уникальное явление в галактике(2)

Астрофизики обнаружили уникальное явление в галактике

Астрофизики обнаружили с помощью радиотелескопа магнитное поле, выходящее далеко за пределы галактического диска. Материал об этом опубликован в журнале Astronomy and Astrophysics. Аргументы и Факты - Казань

Bolivian Military Deploys Armored Vehicles to End Blockade of Key Gas Plant(2)

Show of strength implemented after blockades at the facility had cut off fuel supply to nearby La Paz...Голос Америки

At Least 4 Wounded by Gunshots During Protest in Haiti(2)

Several hundred people were marching from the Delmas to Petionville neighborhoods when shots were fired from nearby Голос Америки

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