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Jewish Leaders Seek Better Policing of Online Hate Speech

...of Moscow, said online radicalization was giving rise not only to more anti-Semitic incidents, but also hate crimes directed at Muslims and others...Голос Америки

At Least 15 Rohingya Muslims Killed as Boat Sinks Off Coast of Bangladesh

More than 100 Rohingyas packed aboard overcrowded boat as they attempted to flee refugee camps in Bangladesh, where over 700,000 have been living since fleeing Myanmar military crackdown in 2017 Голос Америки

At Least 12 Rohingya Muslims Killed as Boat Sinks off Coast of Bangladesh

More than 100 Rohingyas packed aboard overcrowded boat as they attempted to flee overcrowded refugee camps in Bangladesh Голос Америки

Overnight Brawl in Kazakhstan Leaves 8 Dead, Scores Wounded

The area is home to many members of the Dungan minority group, Muslims of Chinese ethnic origin; a full investigation has been urged...Голос Америки

Modi Says Indian Muslims Had Nothing to Fear in New Law

Indian Prime Minister said the new act will not impact the people of India, whether Muslims, Sikhs or Christians, and accused opposition parties of employing 'vote politics' to win support from Muslims, who are nearly 14%...Голос Америки

VOA Documentary: An In-depth Look at the Rohingya, Their Exodus from Myanmar

...camera crew visited the Kutupalong refugee camp in Bangladesh to hear the stories of murder and rape of the Rohingya Muslims evicted from Myanmar.Although they're now "safe," the refugees were depressed, isolated, prevented from attending school or working, and targeted...Голос Америки

UN Court Orders Myanmar to Steps to Protect Rohingya Muslims

Ruling by International Court of Justice made in response to complaint by African nation Gambia, which accused Myanmar of violating 1948 Genocide Convention Голос Америки

China and Myanmar Sign Dozens of Infrastructure Deals(2)

Deals reached as Myanmar faces global criticism for targeting minority Rohingya Muslims Голос Америки

IS Gloats at Iran General's Death, Says It Pleased Muslims

Although the US and Iran strictly avoided working together directly, they were once on the same side in the fight against IS Голос Америки

Pakistan Stress Neutrality, Big Rally Protests Killing of Soleimani

Pakistani televisions aired footages of Sunday's rally of mostly Shi'ite Muslims, including women and children, chanting 'Death to America" and "Death to Israel'...Голос Америки

Rohingya Refugees Face More of Uncertainty(2)

...nation Gambia for genocide charges against Myanmar marked the troubled end of the second year since more than 700,000 Rohingya Muslims fled a brutal Burmese army "clearance operation" in Myanmar's Rakhine State, crossing over to Bangladesh. Steve Sandford has this...Голос Америки

Women at Center Stage in Protests Against India’s Citizenship Law(4)

Protestors want the law scrapped saying it will marginalize Muslims Голос Америки

Protesters Call For Peaceful Demonstrations in India(2)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi defends new citizenship law critics claim discriminates against Muslims at a rally in New Delhi as protests over law continue...Голос Америки

More Protests as India Grapples With Citizenship Law Fallout(2)

Critics have said the process is a thinly veiled plot to deport millions of Muslims Голос Америки

Indian Police Ban Protests Amid Citizenship Law Outrage(2)

Dozens of demonstrations were planned around the country as opposition widened to the law, which excludes Muslims Голос Америки

Backlash to India's New Citizenship Law Poses Challenge to Modi(2)

Critics say the new law is unconstitutional and will marginalize Muslims Голос Америки

Anger in India Grows Over Controversial Citizenship Law (2)

India's new citizenship law is seen as discriminating against Muslims Голос Америки

Across India, Opposition Building Against Citizenship Law(2)

Protesters are objecting to a new law giving citizenship to non-Muslims who entered India illegally to flee religious persecution...Голос Америки

Hearings Open at UN Court Over Myanmar's Rohingya Crackdown(2)

Myanmar accused by The Gambia of committing genocide against Rohingya Muslims in 2017 military campaign in Rakhine state; Gambian justice minister urges court to tell Myanmar to 'stop these senseless killings'...Голос Америки

US House Approves Bill Denouncing China's Crackdown of Uighur Muslims(2)

China vows Washington will "pay a price" for interfering in its internal affairs Голос Америки

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