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Gallup Poll: 38% of Americans Approve of Trump's Performance

In two months, pollster says US leader's standing has dropped 10 percentage points...Голос Америки

Trump's Leadership Tested in Time of Fear, Pandemic

Ten current and former officials of the White House and Trump campaign spoke to The Associated Press about Trump behind the scenes in these fraught months Голос Америки

Pakistan Rolls Out First Locally Produced Ventilators

Until four months ago, Pakistan had been importing the crucial medical equipment and faced acute shortages because of the coronavirus...Голос Америки

Американский флот выведет в резерв первые четыре корабля типа LCS

"Defense News" в материале David B. Larter "US Navys first 4 littoral combat ships to leave the fleet in 9 months", согласно заявлению начальника военно-морских операций (командующего) ВМС США адмирала Майка Гилдея от 20 июня 2020 года, первые четыре американских...Новости Военно-Промышленного Комплекса России и других стран мира - ВПК.name

Banks are in no hurry to reduce interest rates in response to the Central Bank - Anatoly Nikiforov

...it was reported that the price of milk remains at a historical high. The average price for the first five months, according to Rosstat, was 26.2 thousand rubles/t. Read more at © DairyNews.ru...Dairy News: новости молочного рынка каждый день

The FAO dairy price index rose for the first time in 4 months of decline

FAO analysts. In addition, the FAO vegetable oil price index increased in June by 11.3 percent after falling for four months in a row. - The recovery in growth reflects mainly a sharp increase in palm oil prices due to...Dairy News: новости молочного рынка каждый день

Cambodia's Use of Incitement Law Chills Press Freedom

Three arrests in as many months could make journalists fearful of reporting on critical issues, media experts say...Голос Америки

Tokyo Sees Biggest COVID-19 Surge in 2 Months

Officials confirm 107 new cases Thursday Голос Америки

The EU extends economic sanctions against Russia for six months

"Today the EU Council decided to extend the sanctions aimed at certain sectors of the Russian economy for another 6 months until January 31, 2021", the statement said. Earlier, the political decision to extend the sanctions was made by EU...Dairy News: новости молочного рынка каждый день

Nikol Pashinyan: Mortality rate in Armenia increased by 30%

...the disease., - said Pashinyan. In conclusion, the Prime Minister emphasized that according to statistics, in the first 5 months of 2020, fewer people died in Armenia than in 2019.Arminfo: Главная

Pashinyan: Armenia death rate grew by 30% in June y/y

Pashinyan: Armenia death rate grew by 30% in June y/y

The PM reminded that the number of deaths in the first five months of 2020 was lower against the same period last year.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Amid Coronavirus Cases Rising, Fatalities at Lowest Level in Months, Pence Emphasizes

US could see 100,000 COVID-19 cases per day soon, warns top US infectious disease specialist Голос Америки

EN Обзор: The OnePlus 8, OnePlus 8 Pro Review: Becoming The Flagship (AnandTech, автор: Andrei Frumusanu)(3)

Its been a couple of months since OnePlus released the new OnePlus 8 & OnePlus 8 Pro, and both devices have received plenty of software updates...Helpix - Мобильные телефоны, планшеты, читалки

EN Предобзор: Infinix S5: Unboxing and First Impressions (Dignited, автор: Clinton Madegwa)(3)

The Infinix S5 has been out for quite a while now, having been first unveiled back in October 2019. Nine months into the device’s life and still, it remains very relevant in the market, thanks in part, to its specs...Helpix - Мобильные телефоны, планшеты, читалки

The new cheese factory of John Kopiski has been launched in Vladimir region(2)

...in the updated production site was about 50 million rubles, writes The DairyNews. - A new cheese factory opened three months ago. The previous one worked for six years. Today we process 6-7 tons of milk in one shift. 20%...Dairy News: новости молочного рынка каждый день

Gilead's $2,340 Price For Coronavirus Drug Draws Criticism

Remdesivir's price has been highly anticipated since it became the first medicine to show benefit in the pandemic, which has killed more than half a million people globally in six months Голос Америки

French Ex-Prime Minister Found Guilty of Fraud

The scandal broke in the French media just three months before the country's 2017 presidential election, as Fillon was the front-runner in the race...Голос Америки

Biden Slams Trump Over Reported Bounties Placed on US Troops

New York Times says US intelligence officials concluded months ago that Russian military intelligence unit secretly offered bounties to Taliban-linked militants for killing US troops in Afghanistan...Голос Америки

NY Times: Russia Offered Afghan Militants Bounties to Kill US Troops

Paper says US determined months ago that Russian military intelligence unit linked to assassination attempts in Europe had offered rewards last year; some are believed...Голос Америки

Russia has reduced palm oil imports by almost 20 percent

January and February, there was also a decrease in imports, but not as noticeable as by the results of four months, only 8.1 percent. During this period, much less fresh and frozen meat was imported to our country, only 94.5...Dairy News: новости молочного рынка каждый день

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