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Глава ВОЗ: Пандемия ускоряется, могут умереть миллионы

Глава ВОЗ: Пандемия ускоряется, могут умереть миллионы

...days. The third 100,000 took just 4 days. The fourth 100,000 just 2 days. Without aggressive action in all countries, millions could die"-@DrTedros — World Health Organization (WHO) (@WHO) March 26, 2020 Как коронавирус поражает легкие: видео "Эти меры частично...Новости Украины. ТЕЛЕГРАФ - последние новости Украины и мира за по

Venezuela's President Urges All Women to Have 6 Children

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro wants women to have many children as a way to boost the country, which has seen millions of people flee in recent years to escape its economic crisis...Голос Америки

Billionaire Bloomberg Suspends Campaign, Endorses Biden

Former New York mayor spent hundreds of millions of dollars on his presidential run, but failed to win any of the 14 states on offer on Super Tuesday...Голос Америки

Iran Finds Millions of Hoarded Gloves as Coronavirus Deaths Hit 66

The hoarded supplies, including 28 million medical gloves, were found in two warehouses in Kahrizak, a town about 25 km south of Tehran, a Revolutionary Guards...Голос Америки

Millions of Civilians Face Humanitarian Catastrophe in Idlib, Syria

Nearly one third of three million civilians trapped in Idlib have been forced to flee their homes, leading to unprecedented level of displacement...Голос Америки

Xi Says China Facing 'Big Test' With Virus, Global Impact Spreads

Italy and Iran began introducing the sort of containment measures previously seen only in China, which has put tens of millions of people under lockdown in Hubei province, the outbreak's epicentre...Голос Америки

Wells Fargo to Pay $3B to Settle Fake-Accounts Scandal

...which the nation's fourth-largest bank between 2002 and 2016 pressured employees to meet unrealistic sales goals that led to creating millions of accounts or credit cards without consent...Голос Америки

Bloomberg Makes Debate Stage After Unprecedented Campaign Ad Spending Spree

...on the election debate stage for the first time Wednesday night in Las Vegas. Bloomberg has already spent hundreds of millions of dollars on political ads on TV, radio and social media, raising his name recognition and poll numbers enough...Голос Америки

Південноамериканський етап серії MILLIONS завершився перемогою бразильського покериста

Перемога на етапі серії MILLIONS у кишені Пабло Сілви з Бразилії. Це перші великі призові у його кар'єрі. Сума призових Пабло Сілви за перемогу у...Новини: останні новини сьогодні на порталі 24tv.ua - телеканал свіжих

Peace Alone Not Enough for Afghan Refugees

As Afghanistan grapples with the possibility of a peace deal, the future of millions of Afghan refugees also looks a little more hopeful. United Nations and other officials at a refugee conference in Pakistan...Голос Америки

Dazzling Sydney Concert Raises Millions For Australian Bushfire Relief

Dazzling Sydney show raises millions for bushfire victims in Australia...Голос Америки

Saudi-led Coalition Says Its Warplane Was Downed Over Yemen

The war has killed over 100,000 people and created the world's worst humanitarian crisis, leaving millions suffering from food and medical shortages...Голос Америки

Названы лучшие романы XXI века

января 2000 года на английском языке, был представлен авторитетными критиками популярных изданий The New York Times, Time, Newsday, Bookslut, The Millions, пишет BBC. На первом месте по популярности – роман, написанный американцем доминиканского происхождения...подробнее...Новости Украины и мира сегодня. Новости дня - bigmir)net

German Filmmaker Vilsmaier, Known for 'Stalingrad,' Dies

The months-long siege of the city, now known as Volgograd, cost the lives of millions of soldiers and civilians and marked a turning point for Nazi Germany in World War II...Голос Америки

Democrat Andrew Yang is Suspending his 2020 Bid for President

...a non-politician, someone who mixed unconventional campaign events - from bowling to ax throwing - with serious talk about the millions of jobs lost to automation and artificial intelligence...Голос Америки

Switzerland Investigating Alleged CIA, German Front Company

Crypto AG reportedly made millions of dollars for the two agencies, while providing them with access to the encrypted communications of more than 120 countries...Голос Америки

Africa Holds 'Silence the Guns' Summit as New Conflicts Grow

South Sudan's civil war began in 2013 and has left 380,000 people dead and millions more in dire poverty...Голос Америки

Where Did They Go?

The coronavirus virus has so far claimed more than 900 lives and sickened over 37,000 Голос Америки

Mapping Major Foreign Forces in Syria

Syria's civil war, which has killed more than 500,000 people and displaced millions since it started in 2011, has drawn in several foreign powers to the country, including the United States, Russia, Iran...Голос Америки

Kenya Fighting to End Female Genital Mutilation by 2023

...seven years ahead of a U.N. deadline to stop the practice globally.  Activists, however, say more needs to be done as millions of girls are still at risk of undergoing the cut.  Rael Ombuor reports from Narok, Kenya.Голос Америки

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