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Зачем устроили хайп из-за 9 мая

Зачем устроили хайп из-за 9 мая

обозреватель Алексей Куракин. В своем тексте Куракин напомнил о том, как летом 1941 года нацисты и коллаборанты из числа Ukrainian militia расстреливали еврейских детей в Белой Церкви. «Господин министр! Так кого мы должны простить? Августа Хефнера? Вальтера Рейхенау? Солдат 6-й...Электронная газета "Век"

10 Somali Soldiers, 16 Militants Killed in Al-Shabab Attacks(2)

According to multiple reliable sources in the town, at least 10 militants and six fighters belonging to the pro-government militia were killed during the battle...Голос Америки

Latvian citizen who fought for the DPR was detained in Arkhangelsk Oblast after his arrival at Shies(2)

...because of a request of Interpol. Aijo is wanted in Ukraine and the Baltic states for participation in illegally armed militia groups and terrorism. Beness Aijo, a Latvian citizen of Russian-Ugandan origin, is a well-known participant of the war of...Журнал 7х7

US Convoy Attacked by Pro-Government Militia in Northeast Syria(2)

A U.S. military convoy was attacked on Wednesday by pro-Syrian government militia fighters in northeast Syria. In response, U.S. soldiers opened fire, allegedly killing one militiaman. VOA’s Zana Omar reports from Qamishli...Голос Америки

Police: Twelve More Bodies Found After DR Congo Militia Massacre(2)

The attack was the latest massacre blamed on the ADF Голос Америки

Mexican Children Armed to Protect Community from Drug Gangs (2)

Masked kids of militia members join and train alongside their adult counterparts.Голос Америки

Virginia State Capital Braces for Gun Rights Rally (2)

Militia groups and white supremacists among those expected to mix with gun-rights activists, raising fears state could again see type of violence that exploded in Charlottesville in 2017 Голос Америки

Virginia Governor Declares State of Emergency Ahead of Gun Rally(2)

Virginia Gov Ralph Northam says he is declaring a state of emergency over threats from militia groups ahead of a gun-rights rally next week...Голос Америки

The author of false information about Pashinyan`s congratulation  to  Trump in connection with a special operation in Iran was arrested(2)

...near the Baghdad international airport, during which the Iranian general Kassem Suleimani and the deputy head of the Iraqi Shiite militia Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis were killed.Arminfo: Главная

Iraq's Sadr Calls for 'Humiliating' US Troop Exit (2)

...calling on the government to end foreign troop presence did not go far enough and called on local and foreign militia groups to unite...Голос Америки

Iraq Parliament to Convene Amid Calls to Expel US Troops (2)

U.S. drone strike on Friday on a convoy at Baghdad airport that killed Iranian military commander Qassem Soleimani and Iraqi militia leader Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis...Голос Америки

US Designates Iraqi Shiite Militia as Foreign Terrorist Organization (2)

State Department statement says it was also sanctioning two leaders of Asaib Ahl Al-Haq Голос Америки

Mixed Media Coverage in Mideast on Soleimani's Death(2)

Commander of Iran's elite Quds Force was killed along with several other Iranian-backed Iraqi militia leaders in US drone-launched missile that targeted his convoy in the Iraqi capital...Голос Америки

США нанесли удар к северу от Багдада − СМИ(2)

...pic.twitter.com/ZW2vLuWAYv — H. Sumeri (@IraqiSecurity) 3 января 2020 г.   Video: Shibl al-Zaidi, commander of the Iran-backed Kataib Imam Ali militia group & close to Qasem Soleimani, was reportedly killed tonight by U.S. airstrike near Taji, north of Baghdad, Iraq...Новости Беларуси, новости мира, свежие белорусские новости

Новый авиаудар нанесли на севере Багдада(2)

Новый авиаудар нанесли на севере Багдада

РИА Новости, что погибли не менее пяти человек. Их имена еще не установлены. #BREAKING And again: Air raids target Iraqi militia convoy north of #Baghdad, killing 6 people. Reports more high ranking #Iranian backed commander killed! #Iran #Iraq #Trump #wwlll...Актуальные новости в любое время. Tengrinews.kz

Militia Leaders Order Protesters to Leave US Embassy in Baghdad(2)

Supporters of Iranian-backed militias begin withdrawal from perimeter of US embassy in Baghdad, following order by senior leaders...Голос Америки

Iran's Iraqi Militia Proxy Kataeb Hezbollah Explained(2)

a look at the history and facts of the Iranian-backed Iraqi group Голос Америки

Iraqi Politicians Condemn US Strike on Pro-Iran Shi'ite Militia(2)

Iraqi Parliament unable to muster quorum to vote on condemning US airstrike on pro-Iran Kataib Hezbollah militia Голос Америки

Eighteen Killed in New Militia Attack in Eastern DR Congo(2)

Eighteen people in eastern DR Congo's troubled region of Beni have been killed in a fresh attack by a notorious armed group ADF, a local official says Голос Америки

U.S. strikes facilities in Iraq and Syria linked to Iranian-backed militia(4)

U.S. strikes facilities in Iraq and Syria linked to Iranian-backed militia

Pentagon spokesman Jonathan Hoffman described the strikes against the group as "precision defensive strikes". Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

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