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UN: Afghan War Killed, Wounded More Than 10,000 Civilians in 2019

The UN blames militants for most of the deaths, followed by the US-led coalition...Голос Америки

Thousands Fleeing Escalating Violence in Africa's Sahel Region

More than 700,000 people within the Sahel have fled attacks by militants and armed groups in the last 12 months, the UN refugee agency reports...Голос Америки

Russia urges Turkey "to stop supporting militants" in Idlib

Russia urges Turkey "to stop supporting militants" in Idlib

Russia said that pro-Turkish militants, supported by Turkish artillery, had breached the defences of the Syrian army.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

10 Somali Soldiers, 16 Militants Killed in Al-Shabab Attacks

According to multiple reliable sources in the town, at least 10 militants and six fighters belonging to the pro-government militia were killed during the battle...Голос Америки

Priest arrested in Turkey for giving bread and water to PKK militants

Priest arrested in Turkey for giving bread and water to PKK militants

Fr. Bileçen was arrested after an informant testified that he provided bread and water to Kurdish separatists in 2018. Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Indonesia Refuses to Take Back Suspected IS Militants

Indonesia's government bans citizens who joined the Islamic State group in Syria from returning home because of fears they could pose a threat to national security Голос Америки

Israel Accused of Torturing Palestinians After Fatal Bombing

The Jewish state faces allegations of severely torturing three alleged Palestinian militants rounded up after a rare bombing in the occupied West Bank...Голос Америки

Israeli Airstrikes Hit Gaza After Militants Fire Rockets

The military launched wide-scale airstrikes on militant targets in the Gaza Strip shortly after Palestinian militants fired three rockets into Israel, two of which were intercepted...Голос Америки

Changing Tack, French Militants Turn off Power to Press Government

With train networks in France returning to normal after six weeks of hobbling strikes, militant protesters are using other pressure tactics against government plans to overhaul the pension system Голос Америки

Six Somali Soldiers Killed in Al-Shabab Attacks

19 militants also were killed when the Islamist group attacked two bases Friday, according to officials and residents...Голос Америки

Syrian army scores first advance of the year in country's northwest

Syrian army scores first advance of the year in country

The town of Abu Jarif is under the control of Hay'at Tahrir Al-Sham (HTS) and the Turkish-backed militants. Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Afghan Military: Taliban Customs House Destroyed in Southwest Afghanistan

The ongoing military campaign, code-named Operation Lucky, was launched in December 2019 with the objective of clearing the province of Taliban militants Голос Америки

Charities in Cameroon Fight Boko Haram With Job Training

Locals along Nigeria border say training helps but more needed to improve economy and deter youth from joining the jihadist militants Голос Америки

Suspected Al-Shabab Militants Kill 3 Kenyan Teachers

The Somali jihadist group is blamed for at least 23 deaths in attacks in northeast Kenya since November, including a brazen attack that killed 3 American troops Голос Америки

After Somalia Truck Bombing, US Airstrikes Target Militants(2)

The airstrikes, in coordination with the Somali government, came a day after a truck bombing in Somalia's capital killed at least 78 people Голос Америки

Iraqi Military Base Housing US Forces Attacked With Rockets (2)

IS militants operate in the area and have turned to insurgency-style tactics aimed at bringing down the government in Baghdad...Голос Америки

Militants in Burkina Faso Kill 35 Civilians in Attack on Town(2)

President Kabore declares two days of national mourning Голос Америки

Cameroonian Girls on Nigeria Border Married Off to Escape Boko Haram(2)

Parents, guardians say marrying girls away protects them from the Islamist militants but, authorities say Boko Haram no excuse for child marriage...Голос Америки

Syrian army launches second phase of Idlib offensive(2)

Syrian army launches second phase of Idlib offensive

No gains have been reported so far; however, heavy clashes are ongoing between the Syrian army and militants. Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Syrian army, militants trade attacks in Aleppo(2)

Syrian army, militants trade attacks in Aleppo

According to a local source, the militants have heavily targeted the towns of Al-Zahra'a and Nubl.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

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