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Brussels Unveils New Migrant Plan

Backed by Germany, migration and asylum pact includes mandatory rules for sharing burden Голос Америки

Migrant Women Will No Longer See Doctor Accused of Misconduct

Mahendra Amin will no longer see patients, but declined to comment further citing ongoing government investigations Голос Америки

Greece: Fire in Migrant Camp on Samos Island 'Under Control'

But 'two or three containers were destroyed without causing any injuries,' a police source said. Голос Америки

Greece Arrests Suspected Arsonists After Fire at Migrant Camp

Counterterrorism units on the island of Lesbos to check possible extremist links Голос Америки

Greece Denies Turkey's Claim of Migrant Expulsions

Ankara previously alleged Athens engages in systematic migrant pushbacks...Голос Америки

Malaysia Loosens Migrant Labor Ban After Business Blowback

Business groups warned that barring most firms from hiring more migrant workers would cripple the economy's rebound...Голос Америки

Malaysia's Migrant Labor Ban Draws Flack

Government says banning most sectors from hiring more migrant workers will help put laid-off locals back to work...Голос Америки

As Britain Deploys Navy, Brexit Complicates Boat Migrant Crisis

British, French ministers meet in Paris for urgent talks Голос Америки

UK Armed Forces Asked to Help Deal With Migrant Boats Crossing Channel

Hundreds of people have made the dangerous crossing in recent days, many in overloaded rubber dinghies and other small vessels Голос Америки

US Sued Over Expulsion of Migrant Children Detained in Hotel(2)

The owners of the Hampton Inn & Suites in McAllen, Texas, said Friday night that they ended any reservations on rooms used to detain minors Голос Америки

Israeli Court Acquits 2 in Mob Killing of Eritrean Migrant(2)

The attack came at a time of heightened tensions, when Palestinians were carrying out a wave of stabbings, shootings and car-ramming assaults Голос Америки

Pope Denounces Unimaginable 'Hell' of Libyan Migrant Camps (2)

Pope celebrated Mass in honor of would-be asylum seekers who risk lives for a better future Голос Америки

Judge: US Must Free Migrant Children from Family Detention(2)

In May, ICE said it was detaining 184 children at the three detention centers Голос Америки

UN Agency Foresees Possible 'Crisis Within Crisis' as Migrant Workers Head Home(2)

Millions of migrant workers, previously under COVID-19 lockdown, are returning home to countries that may have no plans to reintegrate them, warns the...Голос Америки

Amid Coronavirus Pandemic, Thailand’s Migrant Workers Struggle to Qualify for Aid (4)

Many migrant workers have filed claims with labor advocate organizations, citing substandard treatment and unfair pay, based on their nationality...Голос Америки

Florida Migrant Towns Become Coronavirus Hot Spots in US (2)

Among the numerous rural areas across the U.S. that have recently experienced coronavirus outbreaks are migrant farmworker communities in Florida, Immokalee is one of them...Голос Америки

India Cautiously Opens Up Even As Coronavirus Cases Rise (2)

There are concerns that the virus may be spreading through India's villages as millions of jobless migrant workers return home from big cities...Голос Америки

400 Migrant Workers Escape From COVID-19 Screening Camp in Malawi(2)

Situation raises fears that virus could quickly spread in Malawi, which has so far confirmed 101 infections and four deaths Голос Америки

Plight of Lebanon's Migrant Workers Worsens as Crises Multiply (2)

Many are not getting paid because of the crisis and they can't go home because airports are closed and rare repatriation trips come at exorbitant cost Голос Америки

Cyclone Dumps Rain on India, Bangladesh, 2M Head to Shelters (2)

Some cyclone shelters in West Bengal were used for quarantining COVID-19 patients and migrant workers traveling after India’s lockdown was eased, officials said. Some schools are now being used to shelter people...Голос Америки

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