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Asian Markets Mixed as COVID-19 Pandemic Continues to Cast a Pall

Asian markets were in mixed territory Wednesday...Голос Америки

Asian Markets Retreat Tuesday

Oil markets are also on a downward path Tuesday...Голос Америки

Asian Markets Rebound Tuesday on Good Economic News from China and US

Economic numbers from China Tuesday helped Asian markets rebound...Голос Америки

European Markets Gain Ground Monday

Europe's slight gains after freefall in Asia highlight investors' uncertainties about coronavirus pandemic Голос Америки

Asian Markets Begin Trading Week on Sour Note

Rise in COVID-19 cases sparks free fall on financial markets Голос Америки

Asia Markets Lose Ground, Europe Rebounds Amid New Surge of Coronavirus Cases

The S&P/ASX in Sydney had the biggest losses in the region, plunging 2.5%, and Japan's Nikkei index lost 1.2% for the day Голос Америки

European Markets Falling Thursday

Another rally spurred by hopes of a robust post-pandemic economic recovery is ended by fears of a further spread of the coronavirus Голос Америки

European Markets on Upswing Wednesday

The FTSE index in London has gained 0.5% in midday trading, the CAC-40 in Paris is up 0.7%, and Frankfurt's DAX index is 0.4% higher Голос Америки

European Markets Pick Up Baton from Asia as Big Rally Spreads

Decision by central banks in US and Japan to provide liquidity for corporate sector relieves investor fears of second wave of coronavirus cases Голос Америки

Asian Markets Rally from Monday's Doldrums

Decision by US central bank to buy corporate bonds relieves investors fears of second wave of coronavirus cases Голос Америки

Mozambique Begins Closing Markets for Cleaning and Reorganization to Prevent COVID-19 Outbreak

Mozambique begins launching new measures at city markets after coronavirus cases are detected...Голос Америки

Survey Backs Calls to End Illegal Wildlife Markets

Illegal wildlife markets could be extinct within five years...Голос Америки

European Markets Make Sudden Reversal Wednesday

London's FTSE index is down 0.5%, the CAC-40 in Paris is 0.8% lower, and the DAX index in Frankfurt is down one percent Голос Америки

Asia, European Markets On the Rise Wednesday

European markets are off to a good start, with London's FTSE index up 0.6%, the CAC-40 in Paris trading 0.8%, and the...Голос Америки

US Stocks Lower in Early Trading After Day of Gains

European Stocks are also lower after Asian markets close higher...Голос Америки

Asian Markets Mostly Higher, European Markets Struggle in Early Trading

The S&P/ASX in Sydney ended Tuesday's session 2.4% higher to lead the region, while Hong Kong's Hang Seng is up 1% in late afternoon trading Голос Америки

Asian Markets Begin Trading Week on High Note

Tokyo's Nikkei, Mumbai's Sensex leading the way as investors cheer last week's better-than-expected jobless numbers Голос Америки

Markets in Asia, Europe Lose Ground

All three U.S. indexes were trending downward in futures trading Голос Америки

Shares, Euro Climb on Robust Risk Appetite as Lockdowns Ease

Global equity markets rallied and the euro rose against the dollar on Wednesday, both for a seventh straight session...Голос Америки

Asian Markets Post Solid Gains for 3rd Straight Day

Hopes for post-pandemic recovery outweighing political and social upheaval in US and abroad Голос Америки

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