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Armenian customs officers stop the smuggling attempt from the USA 2.7 kg of marijuana into the country

...imported from the USA. "As a result of the inspection, a sharp-smelling yellowish-green mass resembling a narcotic substance of the marijuana type, weighing 2.7 kg, packed in plastic bags was found," the SRC said, adding that materials had been prepared...Arminfo: Главная

Excitement, Long lines Mark Marijuana Legalization in Illinois

...state in the U.S., is beginning 2020 with the implementation of a new law that allows people to legally buy marijuana for recreational use. The Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act also also allows the governor to pardon thousands for past...Голос Америки

Illinois Becomes Latest US State to Legalize Recreational Pot

The Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act will allow residents 21 and older to legally purchase marijuana and will expunge thousands of individuals' criminal convictions throughout the state...Голос Америки

Going Beyond Limitations (2)

If all that sounds like it could leave you with some aches and pains, we also look at the growing use of medical marijuana. Голос Америки

Medical Mariuana(2)

...a remedy of choice for some people for treating various ailments.  People in America profiles Aari Ruben, an advocate for marijuana legalization who has opened a medical marijuana dispensary in Tucson, Arizona. Executive Producer: Marsha James, Camera:  Kaveh Rezai...Голос Америки

US House Panel Backs Marijuana Decriminalization(2)

Bill would reverse long-standing federal prohibition by removing marijuana from Controlled Substances Act, while allowing states to set their own rules on pot...Голос Америки

Dispensing medical marijuana (2)

Aari Ruben is an advocate for marijuana legalization, drug policy reform and human rights.Голос Америки

Dispensing Medical Marijuana (2)

Ruben believes cannabis has medical benefits which can heal and provide relief to people in need. Голос Америки

Medical Pot on Campus: Colleges That Say No Face Lawsuits(2)

Colleges are becoming a battleground in the conflict between federal and state marijuana laws...Голос Америки

Mexican Senate Appears Set to Pass Bill to Legalize Marijuana(2)

Passage would be major step toward changing country's approach to drug by removing it as source of income for violent gangs Голос Америки

America’s First Cannabis Café Opens in West Hollywood(2)

The main ingredient in almost everything on the menu is marijuana Голос Америки

America’s First Cannabis Café Opens In West Hollywood(2)

...café has opened its doors to customers in Los Angeles. The main ingredient in almost everything on the menu is marijuana. Angelina Bagdasaryan visited the new venue and has more in this report narrated by Anna Rice.Голос Америки

Banned in Boston: Without Vaping, Medical Marijuana Patients Must Adapt(2)

More than 800 cases of a vaping-related lung disease and 12 deaths across 10 US states have so far been reported by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Голос Америки

US Probe of Vaping Illnesses Focuses on THC From Marijuana(2)

Most of the 800 people who have become sick vaped the ingredient in marijuana that causes a high, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention...Голос Америки

House Passes Bill Allowing Banks to Serve Cannabis Companies(2)

The measure would allow federally chartered banks to work with cannabis companies even as marijuana remains illegal at the federal level...Голос Америки

Trump's 'Very Bad' Bahamian Drug Dealers? US Data Shows Little Evidence(2)

...of drug trafficking mentions the Bahamas only once in its more than 150 pages, and raises concerns about more potent marijuana flowing from the continental United States to the Caribbean...Голос Америки

Marijuana Use by US College Students Is Up, Highest in 35 Years(2)

New study finds US college students are using marijuana at the highest rates in 35 years...Голос Америки

Vitamin E could be linked to marijuana vaping illnesses(2)

Vitamin E could be linked to marijuana vaping illnesses

Lab results showed "very high levels" of vitamin E acetate in "nearly all" cannabis-containing samples analyzed in the investigation Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

US Health Officials Issue Targeted Warning Against Marijuana Use(2)

As more states legalize some forms of the drug's use, officials urge adolescents and pregnant women against using it Голос Америки

DOJ Moves to Add More Marijuana Growers for Research(2)

The Justice Department is moving forward to expand the number of marijuana growers for federally-authorized cannabis research...Голос Америки

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