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Ruling Party Supporters in Malawi March Against Nullified Presidential Elections

DPP officials say the verdict demonstrated high levels of hypocrisy Голос Америки

Malawi Protesters Shutter Electoral Commission Offices

Move comes 10 days after the country's Constitutional Court nullified last May's presidential elections because of 'widespread' irregularities Голос Америки

Malawi's President to Challenge Nullification of Vote

Defeated candidate Saulos Chilima is laying the groundwork for a new presidential campaign Голос Америки

Malawi Court Nullifies May Presidential Elections

It cites massive irregularities and calls for fresh elections in 150 days Голос Америки

Malawi Police Closes Roads During Election Case Verdict

Judges of Constitutional Court are expected to deliver a verdict Monday in a case challenging a vote last year that reelected incumbent President Peter Mutharika Голос Америки

Malawi High Court Orders Schools to Allow Dreadlocks

The court said banning students over their hair was denying them their right to education Голос Америки

Malawi is Home to Africa's First Drone Academy

UNICEF-supported initiative expects to train 150 students to construct, operate drones in 2020 Голос Америки

Malawi Anti-bribery Protests Draw Thousands

Protests spurred by alleged attempts to bribe judges overseeing a legal challenge to the re-election last year of President Peter Mutharika Голос Америки

Malawi to Probe Bribery Attempts in Alleged Poll Fraud Case

The opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and the United Transformation Movement (UTM) have said the May 21 poll last year was marred by...Голос Америки

Malawi Rights Activists Petition Police Over Sexual Harassment

Malawi police are accused of sexually assaulting 17 women during election protests Голос Америки

Armyworm Invasion Threatens Malawi's Food Security(2)

The worms have destroyed crops for a quarter million farming families Голос Америки

Malawi's Albinos Get Personal Security Alarms But Will They Help?(2)

Authorities hope the devices will protect albinos from attacks by people who believe their body parts have magical powers; critics doubt the alarms will be effective due to their limited range Голос Америки

Malawian Midwife's Clinic Report Record Number of Safe Births

The founder of a Malawian maternity clinic for poor women says it has set a record - delivering more than 8,800 babies with not a...Голос Америки

Malawi Police Officers Under Probe for Sexually Harassing Female Protesters(2)

Rights campaigners say they have evidence of sexual harassment, rape and torture of women during recent post-election demonstrations Голос Америки

Malawi Charity Addresses Funding Shortage for Primary Education(2)

Teachers say they were not prepared for the massive rise in student enrollment, leaving schools without adequate infrastructure, teachers, and supplies Голос Америки

Impoverished Women in Malawi Forced to Trade Sex for Fish(4)

Poverty forces Malawi women to exchange sex for fish...Голос Америки

Plastic Pollution Continues in Lake Malawi Despite Ban(2)

Environmental NGO in Malawi works to reduce the flood of plastic waste...Голос Америки

Plastic Pollution Continues in Lake Malawi Despite Ban(2)

Environmental NGO works to reduce flood of plastic waste Голос Америки

Malawi Repatriates Citizens Targeted in South Africa(2)

About 75 of the Malawians displaced by recent xenophobic attacks in South Africa have returned home. Malawi's government repatriated them on Thursday, after they spent weeks at a guarded camp in Johannesburg. Some say they will never...Голос Америки

Malawi Works to Contain Overfishing on Lake Malawi(4)

Villagers set up by-laws to curb overfishing Голос Америки

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